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    Additional Assistant Coach

    Since July 1 a number of teams have been adding to the coach staff, as the NCAA allocated an additional position. Any update from the Gophers? Could it be a landing spot for Paul Martin or Brennan Poderzay? Any other names come to mind?
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    Hope you were playing with house money!
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    Quinnipiac, is my guess!
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    UND Massachusetts Quinnipiac Boston College
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    Underwhelming, but maybe . . .
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    Coaching Search from the Collegiate Coaching Consortium - (Formerly the Villa 7 Consortium)

    Always sad when the focus shifts to attacking the messenger. Just because the UM was burned by one of the founders of Villa 7, doesn't mean there is no value to the follow on organization. I don't know if the content is valid, as I'm not on their board, but the Collegiate Coaching Consortium...

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