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    Northwestern’s motion to dismiss the wrongful termination lawsuit brought by former coach Pat Fitzgerald was denied today, Fitz seeking $130MM.

    Northwestern sabotaged their program because they were jealous that Rutgers stole the spotlight as the worst football program in the conference.
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    Football Scoop: Minnesota is putting spring football behind a paywall

    How much does Connor Stallions get in for?
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    2025 3* QB Jackson Kollack Commits

    Gophers have the least crowded QB room in the league.
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    CFP will put the 4 highest ranked conference champions as seeds 1 through 4. Best Notre Dame can do is 5 seed, must win 4 straight games.

    Notre Dame doesn’t need to worry about being the #1anything. Just stop this nonsense and try to focus on beating the academies ffs.
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    2024 Schedule Coming out Today at 3pm

    The Big Ten is giving away money by not moving the start of the season into mid-August. It is an absolutely ridiculous dead- period on the sports calendar. As the NFL continues takes over more and more of the traditional college football time slots, more mid/late August college football in...
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    Fleck is staying!!!

    That is not the Reusse view on PJ. Reusse loves to make fun of the U. That’s it. He’s said often that there probably isn’t anyone better out there than PJ for this job. It is also true that there probably isn’t a better job out there for PJ.
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    SEC and BIG Joint Advisory Group

    Indiana football is great for Ohio State. It’s what makes Ohio State what it is. And the smart people who actually run shit know this. The “helmet” schools aren’t special anymore if they don’t have 2-3x as much revenue as about 66% of their schedule.
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    Media Coming Together?

    Cable TV died today.
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    Quarterbacks in the Transfer Portal

    I always think it’s odd when posters here suggest that if Minnesota ever has more than one promising quarterback, then one of them will be unhappy and leave. Meanwhile, other programs are stockpiling QBs like 6-7 deep that would all be starters somewhere else. They usually totally ignore that.
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    Iowa Tampering Death Penalty Incoming!

    How? The NCAA just does what the member institutions want.
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    Deion Sanders’ roster redo at Colorado could change college football

    But you guys have to admit: that’s a really cute purse!
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    Top College Football Job ?

    No one is even close to Ohio State.
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    Iowa still hasn’t hired a new Offensive Coordinator

    I predict they have “complications” hiring a new OC and Brian Ferentz comes back in some capacity on the staff only to be the de facto OC.
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    Another way to look at it: He had had tons of experience with several organizations and programs. He was then given a HC job and successfully rebuilt a program that has long been the doormat of the Pac-12.
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    CFP & ESPN Discussing Extending Contract

    There are two conferences next year. A 12-team playoff, and one that is essentially owned and operated by ESPN, is beyond ridiculous.
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    Why does Minnesota not have a Bowl Game?

    And It’s a joke they play it in a soccer stadium in the suburbs that seats 20,000. That makes FCS look like D3.
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    They are. Every year.
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    Logan Fife de-commits

    Probably already did.

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