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    Tyler Johnson

    The bowl game one for sure. I'd also add the one-handed catch for TD against PSU that year when the defender was holding his other arm down. He made some ridiculously tough catches look easy.
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    Heads are rolling at PSU

    That play call when they went for 2 was in itself a fireable offense.
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    Washington 35-28 USC @ Halftime. Next year will be ?

    And both teams’ defense is Charmin soft. We’ll see when they play the games next year.
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    AP: Minnesota is tied for the Big Ten West lead, hosting Illinois in search of 1st win over Bielema

    Almost a haiku! BB good post-bye I'm nervous about this game I ain't gonna lie
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    The NCAA has opened an investigation into No. 2 Michigan over possible rule-breaking around in-person scouting of opponents

    I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a video feed of a game publicly where the signals of a given team are visible on every play. You may find a few signals here and there, but every play? Nope. In-person, they'd be able to record every signal from every play, offensive and defensive. With that...
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    invalid fair catch signal

    According to ANF Podcast it was a “bounce”.
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    How was Croom's ball not a catch, yet the Iowa guy got credit

    I'm assuming the late 4th quarter one (2nd to last IA drive IIRC)? That was egregious. On the TV replay, they kept showing the angle from the MN end zone which admittedly could've been either way, but then they showed the one from the IA end zone and it clearly showed the ball hit the ground...
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    invalid fair catch signal

    You’re upset that the rules were applied. That’s not debatable.
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    invalid fair catch signal

    And one claims to be a D1 punt returner who doesn’t know the rules. 😂
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    invalid fair catch signal

    Ref admitted seeing it and letting it go for review. You’re wrong and incredibly butthurt and coming here to argue is incredibly pathetic.
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Get Crushed by Michigan

    Certainly saving the playbook for the games that matter.
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    Le'Meke Brockington Appreciation Thread!!! WOW what a first career TD!!

    I agree. He's made some really good catches in traffic and not many really bad drops prior to that game. He's kind of disappeared ever since that game and has had drops that he'd normally catch. He's still a young guy with two more years, I'm optimistic he'll figure it out.
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    SOUND OFF! Post-Game Thread: Gophers Lose Heartbreaker to Hawkeyes, Again, Fleck Remains Winless vs Iowa.

    This. The #1 thing you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT do, is turn the ball over against Iowa, especially when you’re in scoring position.
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    Athan Kaliakmanis struggles?

    Iowa was held to 146 yards today… and won 24-10. They FEAST on turnovers which has how they’ve won their games this year. Don’t give them short fields and they won’t score many points.
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    Your Thoughts on the 4-1 Call

    Fine with the call. Refs showed on that 3rd down they were willing to screw the Gophs on spotting the ball in favor of Nebraska. No way after that I’d feel comfortable with impartiality- like a 1 yard run suddenly turning into a no gain. The D was playing well and did their job.
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    Jack Robinson commits to Wisconsin

    It’s interesting. WI does have the perception of building strong teams with more white kids, so it’s not terribly shocking that suburban white kids choose to go there. Impossible as an outsider to tell if that’s parents’ or kids’ preferences in these cases, or if there’s some other influence...
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    Mike Sanford hired as OC @ Colorado (who apparently have no idea what they are doing)

    Totally agree but I bet Sanford wasn’t originally high on their list but rather the highest one willing to take the job.
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    #21 in AP

    Just interesting - WA is 4-0 and #15 after beating MSU at home by a 11. MN is 4-0 and #21 by spanking MSU on the road by 24. It’s early in the season to gauge either team, but I watched both teams play the same opponent and MN was clearly superior to WA as well.
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    2022 Minnesota Bowl Projection Tracker

    Them beating world beaters SDSU, Nevada, and Rutgers - and looking bad in the process. Even though they got steamrolled last night, I think WI is the 2nd best team in the West.
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    Tanner Morgan has never looked like this.

    Someone here was adamant he was a “below average” B1G QB though. I’m so confused.

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