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    #9 Gophers vs #8 Spartans Thursday at 11am

    What is the cheapest way to get tickets? Do they all have fees whether you order online or call in?
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    All Things Weakling Wednesday

    It looks like the gophers will be playing on Thursday. My guess is they will be guaranteed be playing in the prime time spot because the game is in Minneapolis? Just thinking ahead for purchasing a ticket.
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    All Things 2023 D2/D3 Hoops

    Crown beat Concordia Moorhead by 10. Handing them only their third loss of the year. Crown, a D3 school, played St. Thomas pretty tight two weeks ago. Their best player, Cade Carrol, is one of the best players in D3.
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    All Things D2 and D3 College basketball

    The MIAC and UMAC are 8-8 by my count this year thus far. The MIAC gets the fanfare but the UMAC has turned into a decent basketball conference in recent years. Bethany Lutheran and Crown(Crown gave Macalester their only loss) are off to really good starts. Northwestern is good every year. Below...
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    All Things D2 and D3 College basketball

    I have not posted here in a long time but wondering if there is a thread that discusses D2 and D3 basketball in Minnesota? If so, a moderator can combine this with that one. On the football forum there is and thought it would be good to have one here. I am more familiar with D3 than D2. The MIAC...
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    What do you think?

    Is everyone confident we'll be in? I'm still fairly confident, but nervous.
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    Utah vs. SDSU

    So do we want Utah to win? We want Utah state to win, right?
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    Avoided the bad loss!

    Yes, its frusterating we didn't win the game, but we avoided an ugly loss. That's the positive side we can take out of the game! Just think, if we would have made a few threes and knocked down some free throws we could have won. We will make the tournament!
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    Did anybody see Gottlieb?

    Gottlieb on Sportcenter during the In or out segment says right now the Gophers are out. He also believes we need to beat Northwestern and probably Michigan State to get in. He said we will be squarely on the bubble if we only beat Northwestern. I thought this was kind of funny given that...
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    Did anybody see...

    Did anybody see half-time of the South Carolina Tennessee game? They showed the gophers as one the first four out in Lunardi's bracket ENTERING THURSDAY. Was his last bracket before the Wisconsin game? Did ESPN make a mistake? No way we're first four out or last four in after last nights win...

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