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    Mike Hohensee Jr?

    Mike Hohensee was starting qb for Mn in 1981 and 1982. I guess Im getting old.
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    Mike Hohensee Jr?

    CBS Sportsline has a Small College only 1st round draft, that means nothing, but that didn’t stop me from reading. I ran across this and just thought it was interesting. 12. Broncos: Mike Hohensee, QB, Northwest Missouri State Speaking of athleticism, that's what Hohensee also brings to his...
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    2023-24 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Ok, I give, did not realize they were down that many. Move along folks nothing to see here, just some guy stepped in his own sh&t.
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    2023-24 Other Bowl Games Thread

    I know FSU had a ton of opt outs, should they get beat by 60? Or should OSU have no offense because of losing their qb? I thought these teams would be deeper than they apparently are, not surprised they lost, just how bad they played.
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    Farrell's CFB Tiers: Which Programs Should Be Considered the Sport's Best? (Tier 4: The bottom feeders that no one cares about nationally - Minnesota)

    Seriously Mike Farrel, ha, ha, what does ”Hot Lips” think. What really would be the point of a list like this, other than to get people to repost. Never cared much what actors thought about anything, unless they agree with me of course.
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    2023-24 Other Bowl Games Thread

    The portal is really leaving lots of teams with one qb option, obviously. I thought Minnesota was bad for not having enough ready QBs on the roster, but Ohio State, seriously! Maybe will encourage coaches to get No. 2 in occasionally during the season.
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    Darius Taylor!

    If he’s as good as most people think, we will be extremely lucky to see him 2 more years. I mean NFL not portal. Rick Upchurch and Larry Powell were great back in the day. Rarely on TV but great highlights.
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    Can the Gophers find success in the new Big Ten?

    With competent qb play, I think next season should resemble the past 5, for te most part solid winning years, with occasional hiccup(2023). The scheduel will be different but I dot think UCLA orUSC are particularly frightening. Washington will be in and out of the mix for a top 3 spot, Oregon...
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    Bowl Game Series Pick'ems on going results

    Obviously gambling would not be my thing.
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    Has AK landed with a new team?

    I think coach was taken aback by the poor qb play as well. His comments about a UMn qb getting drafted preseason showed he was as sold as anyone. He had to have looked decent in practice, maybe a game pressure thing. I think it was a mental deal.
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    Does PJ Fleck run his running backs into the ground?

    - My opinion, RBs only have so much tread on the tires, whether it's used up in HS, College or Pro I think this represents the bottom line, a single game doesn’t wreck a guy, maybe even a single season doesn’t wear a guy out, but 3 big time college football seasons….probably won’t help the pro...
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    Bowling Green coach Scot Loeffler at postgame podium to a reporter: “They couldn’t throw it from me to you.”

    Kinda like when you are on deck, batter strikes out and walks by and says “he’s got nothin”. Never could figure that one out.
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    That’s awesome, or even he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
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    Kramer’s fiancé is the Taylor Swift of the Quick Lane Bowl!
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    Pick'ems Bowl Game Series

    Bowling Green Miami OSU Penn St LSU Iowa Michigan Washington
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    Koi Perich Commits to Gophers!!!!!!!!!

    I had to look up his name, Jason Kaspner, big Minnesota QB prospect in the late 90’s. He chose Michigan over Minnesota, they were loaded at qb, but he wanted to play in the Rose Bowl. Career was 5-10 passing. This could be a similar deal, Im sure he’s good with his decision, making friends and...
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    Gophers rumored to be paying $30,000 for Kramer to play in bowl game

    I’ll take him at his word and be happy and encouraged.

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