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    How about Taconite uniforms

    We've seen what anthracite can do....but how about Taconite? I feel like low grade Iron Ore hasn't really been explored yet in terms of uniform color scheme...Figured we could move away from coal and give something a little more Minnesotan a try. :clap:
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    Non U of M Tailgate lots

    Anyone have any info on these lots around the stadium like where and how much?
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    Week one lines are up at the Stratosphere :-)

    Thursday, September 3 South Carolina -3.5 vs. North Carolina* Florida Intl at Central Florida -17 Oklahoma State -20.5 at Central Michigan Michigan at Utah -3.5 TCU -16 at Minnesota U Duke -13.5 at Tulane Ohio -7 at Idaho Texas San Antonio at Arizona -30.5 Colorado -5 at Hawaii Western Kentucky...
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    How many points will Indiana score on us?

    After watching some replays of Indiana games I can't help but be impressed with their offense. It may be the best offense they have had there since the Antwaan Randle-EL days. Check out these scores they've put up in the last year against schools with significantly better defenses than ours...
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    Lines released on 5dimes for some Gophers BIG games

    Thu 8/29 105 UNLV +16½ -110 12:00PM 106 Minnesota U -16½ -110 Sat 10/5 10195 Minnesota U +17 -110 12:00PM 10196 Michigan -17 -110 Sat 10/19 10293 Minnesota U +14 -110 12:00PM 10294 Northwestern -14 -110 Sat 11/9 10425 Penn State -6½...
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    Herbstreit and Co. rip N Illinois selection by ripping Iowa

    Just 3 years removed from the BCS and now this. "Losing to a team like Iowa, I think it takes them out of the mix" "Iowa is the worst team in the Big Ten" Ouch.
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    I wonder if Bret Bielema has his 2 pt conversion chart at the ready?

    Although there is a lot in me that loves seeing Nebraska having 70+ Hung on them. Just wish it wasn't Becky.
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    Bookies and Vegas welcome all bets on MN with open arms...

    at least that's my read on this game. The latest reports online suggest that 66% of all wagers against the spread are on MN and 90% of all money line wagers(straight up to win) are on the Gophers. Since Vegas isn't in the losing money business (see SF -7 vs Vikings for more on that) this could...
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    New Hampshire looks good on offnese, nice young QB

    After watching these highlights from last weeks win against Holy Cross I came away pretty impressed. Our defense is going to have it's hands full. Make sure to watch the trick play at 0:37, a little like Favre used to do.
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    I figured the Defense deserved it's own thread after that performance. That's back to back solid performances going to back to last years effort against Illinois. There were a few missed assignments but overall loved the intensity. Hats off to Derrick Wells for making some great individual plays!
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    Why its important to let all the facts come out This could sure change things.
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    Pantherhawk Suicide Watch

    It's gonna be ok big fella, you've got 336 days to prepare for the next ass whoopin'! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="fat guy crying Pictures, Images and...
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    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="fat guy crying Pictures, Images and Photos"/></a>
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    Is the B1G dying as a football power?

    It dawned on me today as I watched team after team struggle from the B1G that our conference is just a shadow of it's former self and there seems to be little hope in sight of turning things around. Just a few examples from the past couple of weeks: Ohio St, playing another scandal ridden team...
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    BIG Championship to be held in Indy through 2015 per Rittenberg tweet

    Not a big fan of this decision. Was hoping that it would rotate around the league. I'm starting to wonder if Delany has some shares in Indianapolis Inc.
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    Stop the press...Rich Rod still in @ Michigan per A Rittenberg Could it be DanMonson all over again?
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    Sun "Snow" Bowl

    I didn't know it snowed in El Paso. I would have been pretty pissed in 1999 if we made that trip and it snowed! All things aside, a really cool stadium to play in for a band member being built right into a natural bowl in the franklin mountains.
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    End of Tenn. NC game

    What a CLUSTER bleep!
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    Wow, what a bad call!!

    The Kansas St. Syracuse bowl game was one of the best games of the bowl season and the refs had to go and ruin it with just a terrible excessive celebration penalty. You be the judge: Give the kid a warning and let them go for the tie, this is a...
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    What is the 2011 Offensive Line looking like?

    Who's going to make the cut? Do we have players that can fit into Kill's style?

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