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    Why does everyone make grades now?

    No, Yes, Yes. Yes, Yes, No. #4 is the biggest yes. I think they get an automatic pass for attendance - and attendance is not required or checked.
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    Cam Christie is entering the Transfer Portal

    Top 30 or 40 player in BIG is sobering, if true. I think I remember (because I was surprised at the time) that there were 4 BIG picks the year De'Angelo Russell was #2 behind Kat - and one of them was next to last. Most years the entire BIG conference has 5-7 players drafted.
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    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    Not Mychal Thompson. He played at Miami Jackson. In 1974 they had four players from Bahamas (including Mychal) and one from Cuba. They were called the Jackson 5 and were 33-0 (average winning margin was 30 points), won Florida state championship. Alas four of the five were eventually declared...
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    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    Jalen Suggs and Chet Holmgren the years they played together at Minnehaha Academy. My grandson played against them. Very weird for a Class 2A team to have two players in adjacent years that would go #5 and then #2 in first round of NBA draft. Jalen was incredibly athletic and very skilled...
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    Caleb Williams commits to the Gophers

    Awesome Nadine interview. I did not realize that he was was Wisconsin State Champion triple jumper or that he was Track and Field all-conference three years as jumper at MacCalester. Someone who saw some MacCalester basketball games (beyond the Williams Arena game) might comment on his hops...
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    Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

    At the age of 22, with six years of high school coaching, Gagliardi was hired at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. In four seasons as head coach at Carroll, Gagliardi compiled a 24–6–1 record, winning three Montana Collegiate Conference championships. After the 1952 season, Gagliardi left...
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    Tessa Johnson

    Her 19 points made her leading scorer in the Championship game. She came in after the SC starters faced a quick 10-0 deficit. Played 25 minutes, defense and floor game were awesome. You could make a strong case for MVP of national championship game. What a miss for us. She missed junior year...
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    NIL musings

    I suppose so.... And think of how much money the schools could get from a cut of gambling revenues. Is there betting on who is going to enter the portal, and where individual portal players are going to enroll. I might have taken a bet that Payne was going to stay. Or Carrington. Ben treated...
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    NIL musings

    In the old days, we all started to be really worried when the salary of football coaches started to exceed the salary of the university president at many prestigious institutions. Now of course all head football coaches at Power Five level are paid more than that, often by a factor of 5 or...
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    2024 MN High School Basketball State Tournaments

    All the parents were wrong. As usual. (I hope that was the intended meaning of your comment).
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    Former Waseca HS and NDSU 6-foot-10 big Andrew Morgan will visit the Gophers on Thursday

    His other offers were from Appalachian State and from IOWA. He was in Class of 2021 and played with Malik Gillingham (Class of 2019) and his younger brother Kyreese Willingham (same Class of 2021). Malik and Kyreese are current key players on Mankato D2 Elite 8 entrant. Malik might have...
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    Hawk finishes 2nd in D1 in assists with a 7.5 apg and we were 15th in the country at 17.3

    The Hawkins stat I like is that he is third on team in rebounds at 3.7 per game , ahead of Cam, JOJ, Fox, Ihnen, Mitchell, Carrington (huge minutes play a role but still pretty impressive). Also has 1.7 steals per game with Mitchell at 1.4. Those two were both highly needed.
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    QB Max Brosmer of New Hampshire commits to the Gophers

    He has long arms. More important for basketball and making fish look big - than for quarterback play.
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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    I don't get it - where is Caitlin Clark on the list? I can buy a ticket to her sold out game at Williams for a few hundred dollars.
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    Question on Asuma’s teammates

    He is a good prospect for college basketball (not sure what level), but he is ELITE at baseball. (edit: I meant Noah Issac's brother with my comments about baseball.) Isaiah is Issac's cousin (as discussed below) and is a basketball prospect but only a freshman so that will play out. Pretty...
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    Braun Out Indefinitely with Surgery on Her Foot.

    At the least that heals well and quickly is almost never a long term injury. Nothing like a Lisfranc injury (like Chet Holmgren had) which can keep a basketball player out for a year and sometimes has some permanent sequelae. I was worried about that so it is nice to hear it was a 5th metatarsal...
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    Parker Fox is leading by example: aggressive, tough, fearless

    When Parker Fox showed up we knew we would have him for TWO seasons. This from Gopher Hole at the time but it was widely reported that way. Newly appointed Gophers head coach Ben Johnson continues to build his first roster; this time adding a commitment from Division two All-American Parker...
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    Every Throw From Our QB AK8 in 2023

    Our O line did not look elite at all times. Some of his issues were due to early pressure. On the other hand he also had some poor throws on those times when he got to sit in pocket.
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    Bench scoring (and minutes)

    Remember last year when everyone was complaining that Ben could only play 5 players and did not know how to manage the roster and distribute minutes effectively. A year and deeper talent has changed that perception. 14/15 is not random. "Minnesota continues to show its depth winning the...
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    A season on the brink

    Seriously, it does make you appreciate Ben a little more. What he is trying to do is a lot different than that.

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