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    Fleck prediction

    He does not strike me as a guy who will wait to be fired. Would he take a lateral move power 5 job to get out of town?
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    2024 Commits Football Season Highlights/News

    Here come the “He must stay loyal to his home state” type comments. We all know with NIL the money is coming and I doubt he’s rich in Esko. How many of us would not be leaving our current job for greener pastures(blue blood programs that have many first rd picks per year) and a 25k pay raise?
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Maybe for special education but those kids don’t factor into private schools how they do public. Spin it how you want to but in general people going to schools like Providence Academy, BSM, Holy Angels, Hill Murray, TG, STA, etc have $$$. They can pay for camps and specialized training that...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    So did Buffalo, they were down by 42 at halftime. FL up 24-7 going into the 4th
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    We have horrible football historically but we do well in tons of sports. The past several years we won state in Softball, runner up in Softball twice, baseball runners up, go to state semi regularly in wrestling, skiing, swimming, girls hockey and track. Pretty much just football we suck in...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    MV can’t move the ball on anyone. probably the best game will be Wayzata at FLake. Wayzata has lost to Shakopee, PL, Tonka, Anoka and Lakeville south close. They beat Edina. I say 21-14 Flake but it’s tight
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    Koi Perich Commits to Gophers!!!!!!!!!

    He is gone. No more mention of the Gophers on his profile. As the local hotshot he never had the feeling he is getting from the NFL factories.
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    PP: Gophers football program has a top-15 class, but will it last?

    Pj knows that he won’t get the 5* guys. He rarely gets more than 1 four star guy per year. Recruiting rankings are based on the. 4-5* guys. We get 3*, occasionally one gets upgraded late to 4*
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    Eric Decker - No Snip-Snip For Me!

    My friend had 2 sons and his wife asked him to get snipped, he said hell no But didn’t want more kids. She had a girl and she pressed harder to have him get snipped. They had twin girls after that and he got voluntarily snipped
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    6 years in, what grade would you give the Fleck Era?

    Our lack of recruiting hurts us. People can get excited about guys who are 3* all they want but you need classes of 50% 4* players to compete levels up.
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    2022-20223 College Football Head Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    Petrino and Ciarrocca lack loyalty. Look how many stops they have had. It is insane.
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    Irving to the end zone, can’t compete at MN

    He wasn’t going to get a fair chance to start here this season over Mo. He would get Carrys but he wants to be the man
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    2022-20223 College Football Head Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    Kiffin will be head coach at ever SEC school before all said and done
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    Wisconsin made a bold move, do we have the nerve to do the same?

    The reality is we can not do better than PJ Fleck, Glen Mason or Jerry Kill type coaches if we want them to stay compared to this being a quick stop for a better job
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    Has Rosemount been to a title game with Erdmann? Seems they are in state or even semis a lot but can’t recall them in the prep bowl
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    Cretin is as big as Hill murray
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    The offense was a little bit before its time. It was a 50/50 pass and run offense, having the best RB Brylee Callendar and the best WR Vinny Flurry was deadly and they also had a all metro QB Josh Lucas. The year was 2003 and Lakeville ran the table that year, I think 2 years pre split
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    Poll: Who should be QB1 vs Northwestern?

    6/8 for like 40 yards. He can’t push the ball downfield for crap anymore. He has had his day for 5years. The People have spoken
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    I think that Hutchinson and Becker have the football tradition, coaching staffs and numbers to compete in 6a.
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    STA is 946 students, all males. The girls school Visitstion is 614. Should they combine the enrollments? They would still be 5a at this time. The male population is in line with Forest Lake, Centennial, East Ridge and Woodbury...

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