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    Vote expected this week to settle NCAA class-action lawsuit

    I like this quote the best: "The settlement, though undesirable in many respects and promising only temporary stability, is necessary to avoid what would be the bankruptcy of college athletics," Notre Dame president John I. Jenkins said in a statement. "To save the great American institution of...
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    Vote expected this week to settle NCAA class-action lawsuit

    In regards to this line in the article: "It’s expected that most if not all power-conference programs will opt in to some degree of revenue sharing in order to remain competitive. But even for a number of the schools at that level, it could be a gradual financial process that requires cuts...
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    Ayianna Johnson Enters the Portal

    I think we'll get to see if Deion's portal football experiment pans out in the next couple of years. I heard the other day that over 40% of the players who transferred in last year transferred out at year's end. That is a lot of bodies to fill and it's not like this is B-ball and we are talking...
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    Lisa Bluder retires at Iowa

    I don't envy Jan Jensen in this new coaching environment as she has no margin for error in her first season unlike in the past. If she were to have an average 24/25 season and finish in the middle of the B1G pack she could quickly find Bluder's recruiting success disappear into the portal winds...
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    Lisa Bluder retires at Iowa

    She's no spring chicken as she has been with Bluder all the way back to 1993 on her Drake staff. I'm sure the Iowa AD is banking on continuity with the portal world we now live in. However, would anyone be surprised if a couple of players/recruits enter the portal. The NCAA allows college...
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    Big Ten football coaches who are on the hot seat in the 2024 season (#1. PJ Fleck, Minnesota)

    This type of article reminds me of articles like the one "Front Office Sports" put out with allegations of a toxic culture inside the MN program. The first thing many people asked was who the hell is Front Office Sports and why are we paying attention to them. Yet, in today's world many had no...
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    Current 2024 scholarship outlook

    This should definitely do it for us. It's not like we're Mich and can stash a few extra guys on the squad by having their tuition paid for by NIL. According to Steve Deace who does the "Bigger Ten" and "Michigan Podcast" they had a number of players last year that were getting playing time that...
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    Michigan State Transfer RB - Jared Mangham Commits to Gophers!

    This is up there with one of the other Denny greats about MN weather - "I understand the weather pattern picks up the Calcutta Clipper — swings down, swings up, lake front influence, then out."
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    CBS: SEC, Big Ten developing plan to share revenue with players in potential landmark change to college athletics

    The implications for this class action lawsuit are massive. This will permanently change college athletics forever and I fear not for the better for a lot of student athletes. I saw one comment saying that the non-revenue sports will get massacred in this process. See recent article that...
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    Rutgers has named Athan Kaliakmanis the starting QB. Rutgers QB Gavin Wimsatt, who started 18 games the last two years announces he's transferring

    I wish Athan all the best with Rutgers. However, coming out of MN Spring practice last year we were hearing all these glowing reports about Athan and his progress and the sky was the limit. However, this picture says it all. This is Spring practice and you are wearing the green jersey with no...
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    All Things Transfer Portal Thread

    OSU LB Nigel Glover has entered the transfer portal after one year. He originally committed to NW but transferred in the aftermath of the Fitzgerald debacle. PJ did offer him for the 22 class.
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    CBS: SEC, Big Ten developing plan to share revenue with players in potential landmark change to college athletics

    There will be blood in the water before this is done. I could definitely see the SEC & B1G deciding to completely cut out the ACC & Big 12 and tell them to fend for themselves. The article says that "ESPN reported Monday night that the Power Four conferences are in "deep discussions" regarding a...
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    Nebraska Spring Game

    Not to mention, why embarrass yourself as you really don't want to bring any recruits in any way with the numbers we pull in for attendance. These are the recent spring game numbers I saw in the conference: 1. OSU - 80,012 2. PSU - 67,000 3. NEB - 60,452 4. ORE - 40,000 5. MICH - 31,000 6. UCLA...
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    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    It's amazing how this kid has blown up in the last 5 days. Last Wednesday he had the 5 indicated offers as of today he now has 14. On 247 they currently list 13 but they haven't added the MN offer from today.
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    All Things Transfer Portal Thread

    Michigan LB - Semaj Bridgeman enters NCAA Transfer Portal Is there any room left in the boat? He's a RS Freshman with 4 yrs of eligibility.
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    All Things Transfer Portal Thread

    Has anyone heard if there are any portal players of note visiting this weekend?
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    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Apparently Luke Emmerich's recent 100 track time has quickly blown up his recruiting interest. He was offered this past weekend on his trip to Washington. Then Iowa State offered on Tuesday followed by Wisky today. Speed always catches any recruiter's attention, but it's hard to overlook his...
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    All Things Transfer Portal Thread

    What a difference a few months make. Did we ever think that PJ could pull off a 2024 transfer portal list like this from this list of schools below?
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    Rashod Bateman gets extended in Baltimore!

    Congrats to Rashad for getting that 2nd deal after the rookie contract. I've heard the coaching staff say good things about him, which explains the extension. However, it seems like he always gets a little dinged up and he is out for stints of 2-3 games. In the Pros it seems like availability is...
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    Is this the Next evolution of NIL - Corporate Sponsors (FedEx Inks Deal)

    I wonder if we will get to a point where our jersey will look like the NBA where there could be a corp logo on each shoulder or one under the number on the back.

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