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  1. Geneva Lake Badger


    Looking forward to another exciting border battle tonight! A great atmosphere, the "Barn" should be rocking. Good luck!
  2. Geneva Lake Badger

    Best female singimg voice of the 70s and 80s.

    The angelic voice of Karen Carpenter - 1970s
  3. Geneva Lake Badger

    Good Luck!

    Can't make the trip to Minneapolis due to some recent health issues, but I'm looking forward to yet another exciting chapter in this storied rivalry. I'm sure to receive a lot of negative and spiteful replies, but I get it. Hate Week is alive and well (more than ever) on both sides of the...
  4. Geneva Lake Badger

    Dang, Jimmy Buffett dies at age 76

    Sad day in Margaritaville. Sail on, Jimmy. 😢
  5. Geneva Lake Badger

    Northwestern Roadtrip

    Section 104 is where Goldy and the Gopher Cheerleaders will be, in case that makes any difference to you.
  6. Geneva Lake Badger

    Predict the Score Thread: Minnesota at wisconsin

    Goldy 17 Bucky 21 Safe travels to anyone making the trip down.
  7. Geneva Lake Badger

    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    I think the majority here would prefer discussing how much they adore Brad Davison.
  8. Geneva Lake Badger

    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    What's wrong with being a Christian?

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