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    Potential Non-Conference Tournaments for Gophers

    Would be fun to play Wake Forest and/or Florida
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    Cam Christie is entering the Transfer Portal

    Could it be the two injuries more and more limited the performance of Ihnen?
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    Cam Christie is entering the Transfer Portal

    CBS sports is reporting that Christie has impressed several teams at the combine
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    Big Ten football coaches who are on the hot seat in the 2024 season (#1. PJ Fleck, Minnesota)

    also would like to know what your crew's definition of mediocrity is. Two 9-4 seasons both with Bowl victories (West Virginia, Syracuse) does not comprise mediocrity in my world.....
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    2024-25 Big Ten Free Agent Signings

    Patterson to Minnesota
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    College Basketball Transfer Portal Thread - 2024

    We really don't know about Keinys. He may have seen there was no way toward being in the playing rotation. And for all that we know, he could jsut be homesick......
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    invalid fair catch signal

    I really pissed off a Hawk fan at work when I expressed that I hoped his new pro team taught him how to propery signal for a fair catch.
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    Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

    any more updates on Patterson?
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    2024-25 Big Ten Free Agent Signings

    6-10 experienced player will certainly add some depth Suddenly we've got a *lot* of players origianlly from Colorado. Betts, the Oregon kid, Edmonds....
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    Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

    Kind've would be cool to watch ANT throw down against Iowa.........
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    Trey Edmonds commits to MN per On3

    Welcome Trey. Certainly increases flexibility for Ben!
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    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    I was home (with chicken pox!) the spring of 1981, and stuck watching the boy's high school tournament on tv. I *loved* watching a good Austin team, but the standout that year was a very confident point/shooting guard from Bird Island, Barry Wohler.
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    Max Brosmer: Love this team! Proud of the strides that we have made this spring, but lots of work left to be done… THE CHASE!

    A good long-ago example of this was Karl Mecklenberg in 1981. The dude transferred from I think Auguistana SD. We'd hear his name called as he made tackles, and our season-ticket group was like "Who's he? Can he be any good?" After awhile we got used to seeing/hearing him making tackles, and...
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    Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

    Just transfer to North Carolina. You don't have to attend class or take tests or anything like that.....
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    What good is the NCAA?

    All the NCAA is good for is spending money. And hypocrisy. God knows they are good at that.
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    I probably speak for many here. I used to be a *huge* Gopher basketball fan. Season tickets all six years 1978-1984 I was there, and then following them avidly from points south since 1984. Not much anymore. With the Hawkins news I hardly can get myself to care, other than just being...
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    Frank Mitchell commits

    It is a good pickup for us. And for Ben. Some posters on here jsut can't stand for that......

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