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  1. denguegopher

    VA Tech QB Dylan Wittke Commits

    Lie him! Might like his running a bit more than his passing.
  2. denguegopher

    Linebacker & Safety

    Maybe recent DC's have done it too, but I really liked how Claeys would constantly be rotating guys into the DL. It built depth and kept guys fresh. I also hope that a linebacker emerges who can blitz on occasion and get some heat on the opposing QB. Anything to get some pressure.
  3. denguegopher

    Cameron Begalle Commits to Gophers!

    Welcome aboard! He is also tough to tackle.
  4. denguegopher

    OJ Simpson

    I think that Costas has it right.
  5. denguegopher

    Emanuel Karmo Commits to Gophers!!!!!

    Great motor, great instincts!
  6. denguegopher

    Away Games 2024

    Add me and a buddy to the list.
  7. denguegopher

    Spring Practice Observations

    Looks like Driver was mostly a defensive player in HS, or at least Gophersports only lists his defensive stats, and he has one catch at Pen St, for 8 yards. Let's hope that he develops here.
  8. denguegopher

    Football Scoop: Minnesota is putting spring football behind a paywall

    Went to UNLV's spring game today. They tried to make it fun for the fans which was nice. Oh, there is a frosh from Minnesota on the roster. Max Mogelson, a DL out of Mendota Heights. The program said that he went to a Two Rivers High School that I have not heard of. After the scrimmage fans were...
  9. denguegopher

    CBS: Questions for each Big Ten team in spring (MN: Can Corey Hetherman continue what Joe Rossi started?)

    Bingo. But I think that there is only so much that a DC can do. In theory, they can create schemes that produce pressure on the opposing QB. But unless they have some DL guys, at least one, who have the speed, strength and guile to get to the QB, producing a pass rush is incredibly difficult. I...
  10. denguegopher

    Scott Frost 'dying' for chance to coach after growing older, wiser from disappointing Nebraska tenure

    Agree. I did a little reading and there would surely be extra risks with hiring him. There are no sure ways to hire someone risk-free, but he certainly has some baggage.
  11. denguegopher

    Mike Hohensee Jr?

    Watching Hohensee throw the ball was refreshing, I had forgotten how smooth he was. Anyone who has played QB will probably agree that throwing from the shotgun is much easier than when being under center. From the shotgun the QB is already in the pocket, just set your feet and throw. The...
  12. denguegopher

    Shriner's, Kiwanis etc

    Just read an obit in the Rochester paper and one man was very involved in these organizations. He appeared to contribute a lot to the community. Is it necessary to be invited by a current member to join these associations?
  13. denguegopher

    #7 Gophers vs. #2 Boston University - NCAA Regional Final

    OK, it did not take long to get what we deserve (trailing 3-2), now let's pull our heads out of our asses.
  14. denguegopher

    #7 Gophers vs. #2 Boston University - NCAA Regional Final

    IMHO we are lucky to be up 2-1.
  15. denguegopher

    #7 Gophers vs. #11 UNO - NCAA Regional Semi

    Yep, now we have to weather this power play. Don't give up more than one.
  16. denguegopher

    #7 Gophers vs. #11 UNO - NCAA Regional Semi

    Go Gophers! C'mon Motzko, no defensive shell strategy this time.
  17. denguegopher

    Spring Practice Observations

    Diefirma: Thanks for your analysis. In my experience it is almost impossible to predict who our next QB will be. Its a long shot to become a starting QB because they recruit at least one per year, but once they pick a starter they do not like to replace them. I don't know if its' because coaches...
  18. denguegopher

    Jeff Dubay arrested again. (shocker - drugs were involved)

    I'm sure that he knows what he is doing is not good for him. But with addictions people just can't stop. Insidious.
  19. denguegopher

    Gophers in the NIT!!

    Oh my goodness, my high school baseball coach (in the 1970's) used to say a version of that:)

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