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    Are My Eyes Decieving Me?

    I know the team is having shooting problems, but it seems to me they are getting better movement in the half court offense than I have seen for quite a while. I don't see nearly as much standing around as before.
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    Ohio St. vs Iowa

    For maybe the first time this year, the Buckeyes look like they may actually be the best team in the NCAA. They are making it look sooooooo easy against Iowa.
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    Am I Off Base? Because Trevor Worrys Me

    Last night Trevor had 3 traveling violations. Two of which would have been comical if he wasn't playing college basketball. To me, for all his abilities, he seems to lack some basic instincts for the game that most kids develop early in their training. He was actually hoping up and down. You...
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    I think toys will be collected at the game tonight. I'm I correct?
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    Minn. vs Wofford TV rerun

    Sorry if this has been posted. Rerun of the game tonight ( Sat. 11-13-10 ), BTN, 10:30 PM.
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    Frustrated About The Devoe Mystery

    Apparently the report that Tubby would enlighten us about Devoe's injury or academic problems, or both, or whatever, in 24 hours, was highly exaggerated.
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    The Shooting Guard Situation

    I couldn't be happier about the Joe Coleman's verbal. But, my question about the shooting guards is this: Hoffarber is here this year, Joseph, hopefully, for 2 years, Armelin and Hollins for 4 years. Now Joe is in the fold and we are recruiting Andre Hollins and Oglesby. Is this approaching...
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    Final figi Report: Minn. vs U of V

    Today's gym was the worst of the 3 venues here in the Vancouver area. It looked like it would be nearly empty just before game time. They were having Freshman Orientation and when it was over the gym filled up with very loud and loyal fans. For 1 1/2 quarters the Victoria Vikes gave them plenty...
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    Figi Report: Minn. vs TWU

    This was a very rough game, with players nearly coming to blows. The score board did not show any game statistics. On the whole it was not a good Gopher performance. Give the Spartans some credit for that. I see that most of you have found internet sites that stream the game. So I will be...
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    The Figi Report: Minn. vs UBC

    Gophers win 80 -62 I have to apoligize. I forgot to write down the final scoring figures for the Gophers. I did get the first half scoring. Sorry. I won't forget again. The game was played in 4 10 min. quarters, with a 24 sec. shot clock. This didn't seem to bother the team. The Court at the...
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    Vancouver Games

    My wife and I have decided to drive to Vancouver for the 3 Gopher games that will be played in that area in Early September. A chance to watch the team, visit relatives and enjoy that great city. We have contacted the three Canadian Schools and it appears they do not expect to be sold out for...
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    Question: Undrafted Big Ten Players

    What is next for Big Ten players like Michigan's Harris and Sims? Forinstance, who has been invited to play in the summer league in Vegas? Can any of the player who opted for the draft end up back in the Big Ten?
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    Is Royce White Really a Power Forward?

    I don't care to entertain old arguements about White's strange behavior here. I simply am asking If playing the power forward spot would be the best use of his talents. I know at the beginning of the year we all saw the addition of Mbakwe and White as the answer to the lack of a big forward on...
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    Will The Gophers Get Back Into The Top 25 ?

    I'm thinking it will be difficult if they don't get at least one of the big guys back to help on the boards and somehow straighten out their shooting problems.
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    Iowa tied with Texas at the half 38 -38). Down by 14 Hawkeyes use the 3 to tie it up. Payne hits a 65+ footer to end the half.
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    Gopher's National Ranking

    What will happen to our national ranking (18th and 25th ) if Mbakwe isn't allowed to play this year ? Obviously it will be adversely affected. But, how far do you think we will fall?
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    Two Gophers Get A little Nicked Up At H.P. Games

    Ralph Sampson appeared to have turned an ankle in the first half of his game. He limped a little as he left the floor and I don't think he played in the 2nd half. He watched the 2nd game from the stands with fellow Gophers and seemed to be okay when he left. Justin Cobb survived a shoving...
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    An Observation Concerning Mbakwe

    My wife and I were at the Howard Pulley games on Tues. the 23rd. We and others around us noticed the that Mbakwe appears to be quite pigeon-toed. Particularly his right foot points pronouncedly inward. It doesn't seem to bother him much. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this. I'm no...
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    Tubby Tells Sid and Dave He Is Staying

    Tubby called Sid and Dave This Morning on their WCCO program and said " We plan on staying here for a long time".
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    Gophers Can't Win Shooting Threes

    Lets face it, every team in the BT can outshoot us from outside. Lobbing the ball around the perimeter looking for the open man is a waste of time and invites turnovers. Westbrook finally moved the ball inside and the Cats defense fell apart. Get the ball inside. Use those big guys. Score and...

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