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    Who else is optimistic about the 2024 season?

    Yep, this is where I'm at. I'm excited to see what the team puts together, how Brosmer does, etc. But I'm not going to be delusional about the W/L record. It's an uphill climb.
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    Better Fan Experience

    We got a survey at the end of the season two or three years ago asking for general feedback on things like this. I think last year I got an email asking for feedback after every game (general "rate your overall experience" type of thing). I don't recall getting anything this year.
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    Better Fan Experience

    Agreed. That's a big opportunity that would relive a lot of concourse congestion. I think it was two years ago there was a tent on upper deck behind the student section where they had a flattop griddle and they were cooking up brats. It was great. This year that was taken away and the brats...
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Win 3rd Quick Lane Bowl!!

    Ah, yes. What was I thinking?? I was surfing The Knot on Tuesday and a football game broke out…
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Win 3rd Quick Lane Bowl!!

    Not the prettiest game. Didn’t scream “B1G Football”. The weaknesses are still evident. But it was an interesting game and entertaining. Take the wins where you can get them.
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    Has AK landed with a new team?

    I’m amazed at the inside track some on this board seem to have (seriously). So I’ll ask the question that’s been rolling around in my head…. Dad seems to be heavily invested in the boys‘ football careers. Is there some insistance from Dad that the boys go together as a pair? I saw the trip...
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    Recent Events

    Agreed, lots of good news. It would seem Max is a big upgrade from Athan. I hope it pans out that way. And I hope the coaching staff take full advantage of that instead of wearing out another running back. I’m looking forward to seeing what Max and Jackson can do if given the chance.
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    Did others have issues with getting into stadium again yesterday?

    Every year the Wisconsin game seems to be a mess. So we figured in an extra 15 minutes. The bus left the fair grounds lot half empty and there was no line to board the bus. We got to the gate an hour from kick off and there was literally NO ONE in the line at gate A ahead of us. We walked...
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    Hawaii just sent Minnesota to a bowl game in crazy fashion

    Is that true? Which are the two? I think I only see one on their schedule.
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    Hawaii just sent Minnesota to a bowl game in crazy fashion

    I’m not arguing the point and I’m not saying you’re wrong. Everyone talks about the value of the extra 15 practices. But it really makes me wonder…. Presumably the team has been practicing all year. If they haven’t figure it out by now (and evidence on the field indicates they haven’t), does...
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    Student Section

    Yep. We were commenting about it with the folks sitting around us. Everyone noticed. And given the temps, it would have been an easy game for them to blow off. Kudos to the students!!
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    Hawaii just sent Minnesota to a bowl game in crazy fashion

    I would agree that this Gophers team isn’t a bowl-quality team. I don’t think anyone who actually watched the team play could argue that. But I don’t blame them for accepting the invite if it comes their way. It would be silly to pass up the opportunity, publicity, money, and all the things...
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    An amazing collection of things I didn’t see coming

    Sad to say it, but that’s a good summary of the disappointment this year.
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    Describe the Gophers loss to Purdue in 1 sentence

    I think we see that differently. We’re actually in 210 as well. Moved several years ago, but can’t change the tagline on the board.
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    Describe the Gophers loss to Purdue in 1 sentence

    We’re supposed to ignore what we’re actually seeing on the field and just keep worshiping at the altar of Fleck.
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    This is what success breeds

    This is the problem. An army of fans happy to just be better than 50 years of crap results. Don’t look to the future and make the hard decisions necessary to get where you want to be. Keep looking backwards and feel happy about where you are now.
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Have Massive Meltdown Again, Fall to 0-10 to Bielema, Fail Again With BTW In Grasp

    Typical Minnesota attitude… 9 wins, yay, we’re big time! Iowa and Wisconsin aren’t settling for 9 wins. Yet Minnesota seems to think that’s a sign of great success. If you’re happy with 9 wins, Fleck may be your guy. Not mine.
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    Post Game Press Conference Video: “It’s all on me” says PJ Fleck after a disappointing loss to Illinois

    From your lips to God’s ears…. Please, Oh please… could we ever be lucky enough to see it? I wouldn’t even need to hear him say it as long as he did it.

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