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    The Athletic: Ranking Big Ten football transfer portal (10. Minnesota)

    Still have the spring, we make it through that and we can say we didn’t lose much. But I agree it seems many key players will be back based upon DTA agreements.
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    Non Revenue Generating Sports

    Wrestling here, probably not that much. Wrestling at Iowa...a ton. Swap hockey here vs. wrestling at other schools. Some schools women's volleyball is huge (Nebraska comes to mind) and basketball does very well and makes a profit. Football is the engine that drives the athletic department for...
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    We’ve got our DC!

    Anybody else read this? This is with the very topic of salary for head coaches and assistants. Washington Football Championship Run
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    State of the offense

    Hey don’t use reason and logic here! That’s not allowed!
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    Wenger Gone

    I have no idea. I just know it doesn’t show kicking game specialist under anyone’s job title, just special teams. But yes I agree with you that is a very special skill set, I assume someone is doing that though?
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    Wenger Gone

    You might be right on all points, no argument from me. As the old saying goes “I’m not saying, I’m just saying”.
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    Wenger Gone

    Good kicking and punting for the most part of his tenure. Awful return game. Is this PJ dictating that? I’m guessing yes, because that’s Tressel ball. I’m fine with the move but it at least gives me pause…why do they all want out? (Rossi, KC, now him) Something seems to make you wonder that it’s...
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Win 3rd Quick Lane Bowl!!

    That’s damn impressive! I definitely think he has potential to break out like Boye did his last year here. Hope he does!
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    4 Minnesota Gophers Defensive Coordinator Candidates to Replace Joe Rossi

    The choices listed are intriguing. There doesn’t seem to be a bad one listed there, I’d hope they go outside for the hire as new blood is needed here (that’s my personal opinion). Winston I like but he’s not ready.
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    Gophers QB Max Brosmer vs WI QB Tyler Van Dyke

    Like he said plenty of pass attempts! I mean he compared us to Michigan and being undefeated and all requires you to pass a lot more than say being down by multiple touchdowns to a North Carolina or Purdue. You pass way more when you are ahead!
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    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Interesting that Wyoming took 4 guys from Minnesota. I bet NDSU wanted them and probably got many in the past.
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    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    I think many local kids did that and bailed. I thought Alt just did that and went to ND and I thought the Minnehaha kid did too for basketball. I think the Carrier tweet tells it like it is. Koi is tOSU bound and he’s not happy about it. Too bad too, be nice to have a potential stud safety again...
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    Court hearing scheduled on 2-time Transfer rule

    One transfer yes. Two no, not without sitting out a year. You shouldn't be able to just go do whatever when you have scholarships and commitments in the school. It has to work both ways.
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    JJ Guedet in the transfer portal

    And...Gophers don't walk on two legs or wear jerseys. It's a mascot, lighten up Francis!
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    Brady Pretzlaff de commits from MN.

    I don't disagree with this, he is one of the few recruits I'm excited about. For me, it's all about the portal, portal, portal. With the constant turnover of kids who were "cannot miss" or "had a ton of offers" it's amazing how many flop. I'm all about the portal. Take a sure thing that you know...
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    Big 2 $$$$

    He is a very good coach, he has Rutgers more competitive for sure. Can he take them to the next level? Apparently they think so. Very tough place to win...sounds familiar to me!
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    Perich, Abasiri & Pretzlaff Watch

    He’s the one of the 3 that I want to stay. Plug and play by all accounts, a position of need, from here…yes please! Be a legend like Tyler, Blake and Carter!
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    Rossi leaving for DC at Michigan St

    Heard 350k more and stability was the reason for the move.
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    Eddy Toussam Commits

    I like it, but does he stay committed with Rossi leaving? I'm sure he would know right?
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    Rossi leaving for DC at Michigan St

    Ok, everyone is wondering about the recruits. What about the fact that the portal is still open. Couldn't he in theory take current players from the roster with him? I'm way more worried about current guys that we know can play would leave. I would hate to see players like Cody, Jah, and the...

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