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    Some Gophers News from Charley Walters

    My point exactly, Husker football is what a lot of people in Nebraska live for when it comes to sports
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    Some Gophers News from Charley Walters

    I think as far as there being a large number of Husker fans goes, you have to remember Nebraska has no in-state pro football team to support, Husker football is treated like the main attraction for sports fans in that state. So it doesn’t come as a shock to me that they have a large traveling...
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    Monday night football - Scary

    I’m not looking for a fight here. I, and likely many others, find it insulting that you downplay what prayer can do. Maybe you haven’t considered that many of us are praying for something along the lines of “God, please help the medical staff find a way to save him”. I don’t see the need to...
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    Monday night football - Scary

    Thanks for the info. Glad you’re still with us too by the way, that must have been hell to go through.
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    Monday night football - Scary

    Praying he’s going to be alright. Pretty scary situation for sure. Poor guy is only 24.
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    Uniform refresh?

    I like the metallic Christmas ornament gold helmets. They’ve become my favorite, I didn’t think I’d be saying that, but they feel like an ode to when they did the metallic gold in the old days, and I really liked that look. They’re the GOLDen Gophers, not the Goldenrod Gophers. Not the Yellow...
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    Could next weeks Iowa game be the coldest game in recent memory?

    that was miserable, me and my family were there for the women’s game and men’s game. Went to the arena to warm up in between
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    Mohamed Ibrahim

    I meant for the Gophers single season rushing TD record. Think the record is 18
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    Could next weeks Iowa game be the coldest game in recent memory?

    That Ohio State game was the coldest feeling game I can remember and I’ve been to every home game since the stadium opened.
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    Shooter: Prayers are welcome for former football Gopher Casey O’Brien, who next week undergoes his 25th lung cancer surgery.

    I feel so bad for Casey…can’t imagine having to go through what he’s had to. Many prayers to him
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    Mohamed Ibrahim

    Mo tied the single season rushing TD record at 18 today right?
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    Traveling to Whiteout?

    Wife and I looked into flights to PA that weekend, $1,500 for a round trip for the two of us through Delta…not going to lie that was a disappointing total to see come up on the screen. Guess we’re settling for a drive to Madison, I guess that’s still a good time. Really want to go out to the PSU...
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    Coach Fleck

    I wasn’t buying into Fleck in his first year or two. But I became 100% supportive of Fleck the day we left Madison with the Axe, and have been since. He delivers.
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    Donnell Kirkwood

    Also have a 2014 away jersey of Jalen Myrick with the brick-by-brick numbers, a home Berkley Edwards #32 jersey, and a Ryan Grant #43 away jersey from 2010-2011. The Myrick and Kirkwood are photo matched
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    2022 Minnesota Bowl Projection Tracker

    If it’s not the Rose, I don’t want it
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    ESPN's SP+ predicts final score for every B1G game in Week 2

    4 defensive TD’s, missed extra points on 3 of them. And a 2 point conversion on one of the 4 Td’s.
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    Donnell Kirkwood

    I have an autographed, game worn, Kirkwood Gopher home jersey.
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    Top Gun: Maverick

    The new Top Gun was awesome. Better than the original. Tom Cruise is one of the last real movie stars. It was just a great movie. No little agendas to push on the audience. It’s a film that will hold it’s value for a long time

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