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    OJ Simpson

    I am too young for a lot of this discussion - I never saw OJ, Gayle Sayers, or Jim Brown play. I feel the best running backs in my lifetime are Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk, and Adrian Peterson. I have never seen someone straight up run the ball like Peterson, Faulk was great in ever facet of...
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    Just for fun: Top games/ seasons of Gopher football

    Agree with both - the 2019 PSU game was probably the most fun sporting event I have ever been to and easily the most fun Gopher event I have ever attended. The stadium was rocking, everyone was into the game, and our best playmakers made big plays. The Bateman TD is still my favorite Gopher TD...
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    Potential NFL Kickoff/Onside Kick Rule Changes

    I don't mind this rule. If it keeps the kickoff a play it is good enough for me. If we are making wholesale changes to the kickoff, more severe penalty for a touchback, etc... Let the teams earn a bonus point (or points) if the kicker can kick it through the upright.
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    Every Single Scholarship Gophers Football Player Has an NIL Deal, PJ Fleck Reveals

    I was just going to say the same. Vast majority of college football players have an NIL deal in place. But, to PJ's defense... he isn't wrong and when he says it the average person on the street thinks "Wow, the Gophers must be doing something right."
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    P.J. Fleck and players spring conference.

    I get it and support him with this decision. Still kind of sucks for a very small portion of the fan base... mainly those under 10. I am not sad I am not wasting a Saturday afternoon watching a glorified football practice, but I am sad I am not getting to experience seeing my son around some of...
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    "Credit Up" Expanded to All Gopher Sports

    Has anyone done this? Do they actually give you a decent credit?
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    P.J. Fleck and players spring conference.

    I get it. I know the spring game is kind of an outdated tradition, but I do think it is something fun for fans. I know my second grader would die to watch them and if he could run down on the field afterwords and get autographs it would be one of the best days of his life. Again, I totally get...
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    A Dapper Punishment

    When I was younger I had to coach 7th grade basketball. One kid got in trouble in class. I made him sit in the bleachers and watch the rest of the team run. Not sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but the message was sent by the rest of the team to have that kid behave in class.
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    Green Bay Packers have released former Gophers linebacker De'Vondre Campbell. He sure would look good in purple.

    Agree and disagree with you. In the NFL where you can truly pick and buy your players... do you change your scheme or simply go find the peg that fits that hole? 100% agree with you in high school coaching and to a lesser extent college. Coaches need to adapt their style to fit the players...
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    Cashman coming home

    Blake is one of my favorite Gophers. Walked on and made plays every single time he was on the field!
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    Paul Finebaum Names Better College Football Conference: Big Ten or SEC

    Crazy thing, I would say the SEC has Georgia and Alabama and then put LSU and Auburn on par with Wisconsin/Iowa - LSU's top end is better but they only get there about once every ten years.
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    Big Ten to be featured on FOX Friday night college football games

    Assuming you are talking about 6A playing the Friday after MEA when we are supposed to play Maryland? All MN schools wrap up the regular season the Wednesday of MEA.
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    Big Ten to be featured on FOX Friday night college football games

    I've said this multiple times... this is a golden opportunity for the U of M. Volunteer right now to host the weekend of MEA. There are zero high school football games on that Friday. MEA is huge on college visits... give kids visiting game tickets. Make it the biggest tailgating game of the...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    I was a 5th grader when the North game took place but I am pretty sure their enrollment was pretty large back then.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    It would be interesting - when Braham had their dynasty in the early-to-mid 2000s they beat Hopkins one year and Hopkins won 4A. Minnehaha won a 2A and 3A championship, guessing they would have whatever class they wanted to play. Probably safe to assume some of Thorson's DLS Islander teams would...
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    All Things EA College Football 25

    Yep - its really nearly $700 because of the check and value of the game.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    I know nothing about Maple Grove football or this situation, but could be minor disagreements like who gets to use the stadium field in the summer, weight room access for players, etc and could be enough of the minor disagreements where there is finally a straw that breaks the camel's back and...
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    All Things EA College Football 25

    I should have caught myself... especially after the Jason Kelce retirement speech yesterday.
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    All Things EA College Football 25

    I agree - I know the $600 doesn't mean much to Arch, but I'd think the negative attention on it has to carry some weight. Fans play games, fans get to know "players" through the game. There is no negative. I remember being in college being a fan of Joe Cohen from the Florida Gators simply...

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