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    Transfer Portal 2024

    Our daughter had to sit out a year after transferring. It was her best year of development. Really hard not to play but she didn't have to worry about game performance and focused on skills.
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    NCAA Bracket 2024 and Games

    Tessa will be starting next year. Staley finds and recruits the best.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    Where do think Tessa is going to play next year? She obviously doesn't fit well at SC.🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    GG was a Coach P recruit while she was at WVU.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    This post didn't age well. Wasn't Tessa leading scorer in the regional final? Also a team best +17.
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    ESPN: NCAA May Mull WBB Tournament Changes this Summer

    The media need to promote the women's game as much as the men's game. Not just during March Madness but during the season as well.
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    WNIT 2024 Game 4: Gopher Visit Troy (4-3-24)

    Less than parking + gas.
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    WNIT 2024 Game 3: Gophers Visit Wyoming (4-1-24)

    The motion offense is great but it's not easy to learn. You also have to have the right personnel to run a motion or positionless offense. After a year, the players will be better at it and Coach P will be able to put another year of her recruits into the mix. I think she has done a great job...
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    B1G Game 8: Gophers Visit Wisconsin (1-23-24)

    I agree on how we are using screens. You have to rub shoulders to force the defense to go under or foul. They have been working on this all year. When you leave a gap, the screener leans or moves to close the gap and picks up the foul.
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    B1G Game 7: Gophers Host Michigan State (1-20-24)

    This coaching staff is one of the best in the country at player development. They have been for the last 6 years.
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    An appreciation of the Plitzuweit post-game radio interview

    Glad you guys are all starting to realize how good of a hire Coach P was this year. Our Gopher young women are also developing off the court because of Coach P. The basketball is the only part that is visible to fans. The B1G season will be really tough this year but the guarantee is that...
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    Game 7: Gophers Host Norfolk State (11-29-23)

    Not surprising at all. This coaching staff won't rest on this 30 point win. They are always looking to see what they can do better and will have the Gophers as prepared as possible for a challenging B1G season.
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    Game 5: Gophers Host CSUN (11-22-23)

    Coach P's 2018-19 team outscored Omaha 29-0 in the first quarter of a league game in Vermillion. 0-13 FG shooting, 0-7 on arc shots.
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    Game 4: Gophers Host UConn (11-19-23)

    Dawn has been able to slow this game down. We just need to hit our open shots.
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    Plitzuweit's assistant coaches

    Jason is a good golfer, too.
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    Plitzuweit's assistant coaches

    My guess is that this highly successful staff is staying together.

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