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  1. cduff

    First time since..... 1978

    I keep seeing tweets about 1967 being the last time the Gophers had Floyd and the Jug. Not to be "that guy", but it was actually 1978 (which was also the last time we held the Jug, Floyd, and the Axe). We lost to Iowa in 1977, but then beat Michigan and Wisconsin. But we played Iowa on Oct...
  2. cduff

    ESPN Big Ten Blog Proposals for Divisions

    You could do a north/south aligment that would work as well. North: Neb, IA, Minn, WI, NW, MI MSU. South: IL, IN, Pur, OSU, PSU, Md, Rut This would make geographic sense. It would be more balanced if Penn State can become a power again, although right now it would be football heavy in the...
  3. cduff

    Defensive achievement

    For only the 3rd time since 1978, the Gophers did not allow a 40-point game by their opponents (1999, 2009 were the others). Obviously this could change in the bowl game but I figured this deserved some recognition!
  4. cduff

    Please so this at TCF

    This is interesting.
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    Tornado just misses Alabama football stadium

    Some incredible video here.
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    SIAP: Mike Williams leaves Syracuse team

    This is old news as it happened Monday, but I don't remember this being posted. He was their best player on offense by far, and was the leading receiver in the Big East. Got a TD catch against us.
  12. cduff

    TV for Illinois game

    Sorry if this has been posted already. Since there are 4 games on the Big Ten Network at 11:00 am this weekend the Gophers are going to be on an alternate BTN channel. DIRECTV: PURDUE at MICHIGAN: channel 610 or 610 (HD) WISCONSIN at INDIANA: channel 611 or 611-1 (HD) ILLINOIS at MINNESOTA...
  13. cduff

    Weather for Illinois game

    It looks like this could be the type of fall day we have all been yearning for. The early forecast says mostly sunny and high of 60.
  14. cduff

    Five (5) Gophers had their season high in receiving yards tonight

    Considering this is the 9th game of the season, that is a mind blowing stat.
  15. cduff

    Gophers starting on ESPN

    Just said so on ESPN.
  16. cduff

    What game are you watching right now?

    I'm watching Wisconsin - Iowa. Right now Wisconsin looks like the better team. Watching Clay slice through the Iowa defense makes me feel a little better about our poor effort against them.
  17. cduff

    5 inches of snow in State College since yesterday

    Even though they're not supposed to get much more accumulating by tomorrow it is definitely going to look like winter there! Might make getting there difficult too.
  18. cduff

    A PSU Q&A

    From one of the PA newspapers
  19. cduff

    McKinley & Dandridge each suspended for 2 games

    For a violation of team rules. No further info will be relased, per the U.

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