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    Season 4 of The Comparable 4 will return Dec. 1, 2024 (about a month into next season)

    Ok then we’re all agreed it’s settled and the dude needs to go? I mean it’s cute to be dismissive as if we’re all hive-minding all these threads but I was under the impression this guy had sincere advocates. As said before, I don’t know the X’s and O’s for basketball well enough to be an...
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    Season 4 of The Comparable 4 will return Dec. 1, 2024 (about a month into next season)

    I don’t really follow Gophs BBall as closely as football but always tune in when I can. Why is there any discussion of whether Ben Johnson is a competent coach if these are real numbers - 19-51 vs. Power 6 (27.1%), no NCAA appearances? This is clown show stuff. What are the other P6...
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    I’m Proud of Our Team

    Wild that Gophs fans are being coached to have more patience.
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    Simoni Lawrence retires from CFL after 11 year career

    Dude was very fast as an LB. Always rooted for him and glad he found success up north.
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    I’m Proud of Our Team

    I mean I get it but this is the aw shucks nice hustle cloud that has hung over this program for a long time while we still find ways to lose. Lose to Purdue - I don’t care. But then if this type of game is indicative of something, we should get at least occasional wins over teams like IA and WI...
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    Gophers 2024 Season Preview Using Sagarin 2023 Year-End Data

    West was historically bad even for West standards. Nothing in Gophers history indicates we should expect to get surprise wins but lots indicates we should expect to get surprise losses. Still have to hope.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    This program is full of woulda coulda shouldas to their core. Win the game for a change and this has value. Stop being the little brother in every interaction.
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    We didn’t though. We lost. As we find ways to continually do against our primary rivals. Nice to beat Penn St. but beat a ranked team and/or our rivals to garner any real traction.
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    Enjoying Gopher Basketball

    Those late game sequences were so classically depressing gophers basketball. It was completely predictable that we would find a way once again to lose in a situation like that and we did. I can’t agree that it’s fun to watch losses that are just reverberations of the marrow of this program -...
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    Jerry Kill gets job at Vanderbilt.

    This guy is such a clown.
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    Does PJ Fleck run his running backs into the ground?

    Running a dude 30+ times game in, game out is not the right thing to do and almost guarantees they will miss time due to injury. You have to reduce that load - doesn’t matter if it goes to other backs or to passes but the per-game volume has been way too much.
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    Jerry Kill

    His health status is irrelevant - this dude is unhinged, uncool, and, dare I say, un-classy. Why anyone would give this cat a job is beyond understanding.
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    Wow! Jerry Kill is stepping down as head coach at New Mexico State.

    Why does anyone keep giving this classy guy a job? Lol what a clown.
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    Who were your favorite players from the Brewster/Kill eras?

    Wozniak had the hands of a lobster. Useless in the receiving game. Loved watching M. Gray. Very few, if any, other athletes played on offense for the Gophs in the last few decades that could break a play and just plain beat any athlete on the other side of the ball. Wish there would have been a...
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    Gage Keys enters transfer portal

    Lol that is the Gopher DL every year.
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    Tracy Claeys - What’s he doing now?

    It is good that the Kill/Claeys era is over as they were not succeeding here. A win over WSU in a bowl (bowl games mean less and less every year) is less meaningful than any regular season conference or P5 win. It is not disrespectful or hateful or anything else to be glad for a coaching...
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    Tracy Claeys - What’s he doing now?

    This dude was a competent DC for a short while and people are still lathered up about him - wild. And not being able to work with others (just let me do my own thing!) is a problem at the D1 level. You have bosses here and working within their frameworks is part of the job. If you can't do...

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