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    This is Lunacy

    He had his chances and simply didn’t get it done…
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    2024 Gopher Football is a watershed moment.

    “Fleck is not going to go out like a bitch”????? Okay. Have you seen how he plays for field goals, consistently punts the ball on the other teams side of the field, runs out the clock, etc……
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    Brian Murphy: P.J. Fleck's tone-deafness is ear-splitting

    Post of the day! I didn’t even watch the WI cause I’m “tired of that shit”.
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    Let's slow down on the Fire PJ Chatter

    Except this conversation has been going on for three seasons…. How slow do you want it to be?
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Look Abysmal in Home Loss to Badgers

    Ha!!! You can’t make it up. Didn’t even watch. PJs dumbass has lost me. Thank god for Tulane. Beyond dumb coach has made it easy for me to let go and move on. Roll Green Wave!!!!
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    An amazing collection of things I didn’t see coming

    We all saw #4. He ain’t it and continues to prove time and time again that he is just plain dumb.
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    It’s Time

    Thread police come out. Embarrassing. Fellow die hard Gopher fan posts his frustrations on a message board because, well… nobody else wants to hear about Gopher football. And the thread police come out. I mean…
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    Gutless Playcalling

    Ha!!! PJ is dumb. Plain and simple. It’s been clear since 2019.
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    Gutless Playcalling

    If it becomes a trend? I mean…..
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    Gutless Playcalling

    What the???? Some of this have been saying this since 2019 and you would go on and on about how dumb and misguided we are. Now here you are today, finally with your eyes open and are like “I hope the media goes after this….” Glad you’re on board I guess and apology accepted????
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    Time to be honest with ourselves...

    He won’t do that. He is dumb and does not learn a lesson. He did get a nice facelift though and has some sweet capri pants.
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    Do you really think it’s Rossi? PJ decides how we play.
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    Effing fair catch. Would have been nice to get a return…
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    Rumblings: Brian Ferentz will step down as OC.

    We’re not trying to win on defense and special teams, only defense. We literally don’t try to do anything on special teams.
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    What does beating Iowa mean for PJ Fleck and the Gophers?

    One game doesn’t change my opinion of PJ. That opinions wasn’t formed after a single game and single game isn’t going to change it. Very glad he won, but his stubbornness and ultra conservative style almost cost us the game.

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