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    Ajok Modal Enters Portal

    Not surprised. I don’t see a ton of playing time if she didn’t get it this year. Dalan wouldn’t surprise me either, but I think it was always going to take her a couple of years. I think she is more of a project.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    I see a big Grad year for her! Good get!
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    This transfer portal is already stressing me out. I want a couple players but holy moly a lot of girls are entering the portal!
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    WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

    Totally agree with this. It was just too much…
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    WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

    Y’all are making me feel like I pay for way too much TV. I have had all of the stations the Gophers have played on. 😂😂
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    Well I’d take her too. I’m no good. I want them all.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    Coach P loves Wisconsin kids! This would be a nice get. Interested to see who is leaving for the Gophers. I believe it will only be bench kids who do not play a lot. Minnesota could be a lot closer than Va Tech.
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    WNIT 2024 Game 4: Gopher Visit Troy (4-3-24)

    Ooof. Sometimes I really like her, sometimes she drives me crazy.
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    I fully understand that the Gophers have one maybe 2 possible games left, but I wanted to dedicate a thread for next season. Two things I see helping the Gophers next season…1. Graduation I really feel like next year some of the better teams FINALLY lose a lot. Yes there is USC who will be...
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    WNIT 2024 Game 4: Gopher Visit Troy (4-3-24)

    I think it’s a great tournament. Gophers are getting better each game. Any game/practice comes with risks.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    Please And I really want the Princeton PG too. I’d also still like Stewart. So if it’s up to me I’ll take those 3 please.
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    WNIT 2024 Game 2: Gophers Host NDSU (3-29-24)

    Nebraska’s Annika Stewart was at the game watching her former Wayzata teammates. I wonder if she is looking at either Minnesota or Ndsu for her 5th year.
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    In my honest opinion I think the top 5 are tournament caliber players. I don’t think they will get any superstars. I would like to see them get a couple of 5th years who can bring leadership and help off the bench. A post and a guard.
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    All Things Maddyn Greenway Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Gophers Offered)

    I don’t get it either. NT and AIA have always been very comparable. Never one much better than the other. It just worries me for recruiting that these kids are already getting it in their head they need to leave the state. That is why I am glad Greenway is staying with NT.
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    All Things Maddyn Greenway Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Gophers Offered)

    So this probably doesn’t mean anything, but at least she has not switched to AIA. I’ve heard there are a few Minnesota girls going there. So far Maddyn is sticking with NT
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    State Tournament 2024

    Thiel is great! Lost to her in the section championship. She put up very big numbers all season. However I think D2 or small D1 is where she will be successful. She may be a little small to play a forward at a major school. Great post moves and has expanded her game to hitting 3s, but she...
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    B1G Game 17 Gophers Host Iowa (2-28-24)

    I am not saying that Braun is as good as Clark, but the Gophers playing without her is like Iowa playing without Clark. Coach P is still a good coach and she has already recruited 3 or 4 top 100 kids (I thought I read that Tori broke the top 100 but I don’t know which rankings). Minnesota just...
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    2025 Recruiting

    Would not be surprised if Madol and Dalan moved on.
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    Final record?

    I’d take it. That’s an NCAA tournament I feel

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