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    Work outs

    Please no lightning saying
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    ESPN: Sources: Jim Harbaugh accepts head coaching job with Chargers

    jedd fisch ? how ?what? who? what the he...ll is going on.. jedd fisch. crazy town
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    New Gophers QB Max Brosmer: 'The [transfer] portal is insane'

    only way it gets worse then last year is if lidner comes back.
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    Jerry Kill gets job at Vanderbilt.

    ol jer jer lyin self serving prick kill. he is such a disapointment in humanity. lay by your dish jer
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    In State Recruiting

    after line 2 i gave up. engineer mind way of doing it i am guessing
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    The People’s DC options

    sure the hell hasnt worked for the OC. what a disaster.
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    Zach Evans to Enter the Portal

    maybe because he was late to a meeting ? doesnt matter he ran him out of the program like all the qbs also. im a huge fleck backer, but there is a immense pattern of stupid ass coaching and not gving people playing time . this is a different age. you cant sit players for 2 years . thats over...
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    Who will QB in the bowl game?

    might well bring back the worst qb in gohpher history . lidner. let him throw worm burners all game and fumbel and look like a deer in the headlights.
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    Zach Evans to Enter the Portal

    im not all. i actually called this, very easy to see. fleck was forced into playing him . very good talent we once again are loosing because of crap coaching decisions.
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    QB Room Empty But OC Keeps His Job?

    OC is suppose to have a head to call plays and coach. He is a complete failure. open your eyes.
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    Who is to blame for the epic fail in QB evaluations?

    harbaugh better not have any say since he should be out the door and not coaching here
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    I’ll admit I was totally wrong

    thank you . finally someone who understands. completley disgusting coaching.
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    I’ll admit I was totally wrong

    i have asked this several times but no one is catching on. Who is the QB coach ?
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    I’ll admit I was totally wrong

    lidner was the worst
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    Bielema taunts Fleck in post-game locker room celebration (video)

    how many coaches would have switched QBs when bolmiea did ? You think fleck would have 0% chance. That is the once reason they won plus horseshit coaching and QB on our end .
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Have Massive Meltdown Again, Fall to 0-10 to Bielema, Fail Again With BTW In Grasp

    It would be nice to have a OC who coaches and develops our qb. To bad ours sucks.
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    Fleck Post Game - Wow Was This A Shot.

    Tyl Tyler should not be in the team. His talent is miac level. It was a horrible pick up by fleck. Wasted ship.

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