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    Do you want Ben back for a fourth year?

    I have little confidence that Ben is the long-term solution. He finally put together a coherent roster in year three, and the team seemed to have good chemistry. But nothing suggests he is a good X&O coach, or that he has a system that makes up for any talent deficiencies. (Just once I’d like to...
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    No quit in this team which is a refreshing change of pace. Doesn’t mean diddly if we don’t bring the starting 5 back intact next year.
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    What are the odds everyone comes back next year?

    Convincing Garcia to come back is Ben’s biggest “recruiting” battle in his tenure. He needs to find a way to get it done.
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    We’ve got our DC!

    Initially felt good about the hire, and that hasn’t necessarily changed, but it’s frustrating that we must be spending considerably less on our assistant pool after such a down year as every other program is seemingly ratcheting up investment. Plenty of positives this off-season, but...
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    Koi Perich Commits to Gophers!!!!!!!!!

    No reason to think Koi can’t do what Thennieman did for Purdue last year. I’m guessing that’s why we haven’t gone after a safety in the portal. Green, Coleman, and Gousby all left a lot to be desired last year.
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    STrib: Neal: Why the Gophers could struggle this football season

    Didn’t read the article, but aren’t we only replacing one OL starter (Boe)?
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    Kyle MCord to Nebraska?

    Definitely a situation where I’d be pumped if he was coming to the Gophers, but can rationalize with “he’s not that good and was surrounded by 5-star talent” if he goes to Nebraska.
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    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    “Opportunity to play” doesn’t sound like a scholarship offer, at least.
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    Max Brosmer is the QB this program needed | Story

    Huge get. With the exception of losing Evans, so far we’ve weathered the portal storm pretty well. Hoping we bring in another QB in the portal and/or convince Kramer to return. 2 scholarship QBs isn’t enough.
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    Time to ditch the RPO!

    Our RPO requires (1) WRs who can win off the line of scrimmage and get separation; and (2) a QB who can accurately throw over the middle. We didn’t have either this year so we rarely ran it. But if we can’t get that fixed, then we need to rethink the offense because the RPO slant serves as the...
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    Marquese Williams in the transfer portal

    Like when Cole got his chance against NC and threw a terrible INT? We needed to give AK as many reps as possible this year to see if he could turn the corner. He didn’t, but he was by far our best option (which is Fleck’s problem, of course).
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    Foundations crumbling

    Viotto transferring makes me feel a bit better because with virtually no remaining competition on the roster, it seems like he would stay unless Fleck pushed him out. And I don’t think Fleck would push either out w/out some reasonable confidence we could get a reliable QB in the portal. My...
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    How do you feel about the state of program right now?

    Program is in such a horrible state that this has to be the last year of Ben. That’s the only saving grace here. What an irredeemable, unmitigated disaster this has been since day one.
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    Call me crazy, I don’t think Athan has been the problem today. We have one BT caliber receiver who has had two huge negative plays. Our WR recruiting has been so horrendous
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    Is this partly a fan problem?

    Attendance has not been an issue the past decade when the team has looked mildly competent.
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    Evanston approves Northwestern's new $800M stadium

    I wonder how much the Ryan family has given to NIL. I think I’d settle for $600m renovations w $200m to NIL. Just insane numbers either way.
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    Press conference video from Ben Johnson

    First two teams Ben coached didn’t have enough talent for us to even evaluate his coaching. Good news is that’s seemingly no longer the case, bad news is we’ve seen the coaching now.
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    Describe the Gophers loss to Purdue in 1 sentence

    Our future at LB and DB is horrifyingly bleak.

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