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    OJ Simpson

    Your Dad was right.
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    U regents approve Fleck’s updated contract after extended discussion

    Most but not all of the TV revenue is generated by football. Coyle, and most other BIG AD's are blessed to have well over half their overhead expenses covered by this TV revenue....even before one single ticket is sold. Most business people would recognize what a great windfall that is. BTW...
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    U regents approve Fleck’s updated contract after extended discussion

    Coyle's statement that football funds 80% of department operations is a bit slight of hand. The department budget is $130-135M. Revenue received from the BIG TV package is about $71M/year or a bit over half of department revenues. Its true that but for football there probably would not be a...
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    U regents approve Fleck’s updated contract after extended discussion

    The BOR is merely a rubber stamp on these matters. Market forces drive these decisions. Coach Kill was honest enough to admit that high level college football programs are in the entertainment business. If coaches were paid like ordinary teaching professors, their salaries would be a fraction...
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    U President Search

    There is almost zero evidence in her career regarding how she will regard our sports programs. We'll just have to wait for the results.
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    What do you miss most about Gopher games at the Metrodome?

    The weather was always consistently nice in the Dome.
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    Who else is optimistic about the 2024 season?

    We have a tough schedule next year. I try to be optimistic and hope for the best but I suspect a record something like the '23 season, maybe worse.
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    Coyle to be Extended to 2030

    The Athletic Dept has hired a fund raiser for NIL, M Club affairs etc. I don't recall her name but she is a former U athlete. How will that turn out?
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    University of Minnesota President's job?

    I agree with you. I just hope it doesn't tilt more to the woke mode.
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    University of Minnesota President's job?

    Just so they don't go woke with a DEI appointment. The criteria should be merit and excellence.
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    Non Revenue Generating Sports

    The U does not and should not participate in much of the schedule listed. Only top contenders in certain events would travel to many of the most distant meets. It cost almost nothing for the entire team to participate in the local events and those meets within a several hours by bus such as...
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    Non Revenue Generating Sports

    The new BIG TV contract yields over $1 billion per year. The U's slice is $70-90M/year. That's huge considering the U's AD budget was around $120-130M the last time I checked. Depending on the most recent numbers, that's about 70% of your costs being covered before you sell one ticket. What...
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    Jerry Kill

    I would add Coyle to the list of mushers.
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    RandBall: An NIL 'salary cap' (and floor) for big-time college sports? What do you think?

    It may violate the Sherman Antitrust Act. Not sure of other labor laws.. This could be a problem if athletes were defined as employees and gained collective bargaining rights. There is some litigation on that issue now. The Congress has the power to grant exemptions in many of these cases...
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    Who is starting at QB in our bowl game?

    With no serious threat of a Gopher passing attack, it won't be difficult for BG to prepare for this game.
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    Max Brosmer is the QB this program needed | Story

    Time will tell. Not long ago PJ and most of us fans were elated about AK's prospects.
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    View the video "The Fall of Minneapolis" and you might adjust your perspective.

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