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    What do you miss most about Gopher games at the Metrodome?

    Non-gopher related, but certainly a very emotional, memorable event. In the mid-1980's the AIDS quilts came to the Metrodome. The entire field was covered in quilts and the general public was allowed to walk out among all these beautifully hand-crafted items. All the while, PA announcers...
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    What do you miss most about Gopher games at the Metrodome?

    If recall, the Metrodome was one of the first stadiums in the Big Ten where you could actually buy a beer (not have to sneak it in) - does seem to control the amount of booze people drink more than anything else. (Sneaking in a flask of hard liquor - no one sneaks in wine or beer - causes a lot...
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    Tollackson Stepping Down

    One of my favorite comments by the legendary announcer Ray Christensen went roughly like this: "I think I remember one call many years ago against Purdue that Gene Keady did not challenge, but it could be my mind playing tricks on me."
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Have been more impressed with Johnson's coaching of late. Of course, having better players makes it easier to diagram successful plays, play better defense, etc. (Previous years offense seemed to be often limited to "pass the ball around for 25 seconds and jack up a contested 3.") However, he...
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    With all the positives, Penix has at least three qb negatives - hitch in his throwing motion (the biggest issue) - injury history - age (will be 24 before the start of next season - which is quite old for a first round NFL QB draft pick)
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    One of the best CFP semi-finals ever?

    Haven't seen the latest the projections, but mid-first sounds about right. If he has a monster game against Michigan his stock will go even higher. A few things not in his favor however, he has been injury-prone - suffered two ACL tears (technically a tear and a re-tear in the same knee) and a...
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    Who is Everyones Other Team?

    Used to be a Colorado Buffalos fan until Deion arrived. And while this is kind of cheating, the non-Gopher teams I root for are the ones playing the teams I cannot stand: - Any non-SEC team playing an SEC Team (especially if Tennessee's involved - although it has been almost 40 years, I still...
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    After 7 years - teams PJ has/hasnt beaten

    Interesting in that Ross-Ade Stadium (Purdue) was the only B1G Stadium in which Mason did not coach the Gophers to victory (Brees had a lot to do with that)
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    Quarterbacks in the Transfer Portal

    I know it is only one game (and a very meaningless bowl game at that), but wonder if McCord is having any second thoughts after seeing Syracuse lose to a 6-6 South Florida team 45-0 yesterday in the Boca Raton Bowl
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    Gophers rumored to be paying $30,000 for Kramer to play in bowl game

    Wonder how that $30k would look on a W2? Employer: University of Minnesota Sport Department - For Services Rendered
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    Tracy Claeys - What’s he doing now?

    I think he'd be a DC upgrade for more than a few NFL teams
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    Other Potential Gopher Portal Entrants?

    Guesses as to other Gopher players who may hit the portal soon? The one I am worried about is Darius Taylor - while he certainly will not lack not for playing time going forward once healthy - he may think that some of the "blue bloods" that recruited him late (Michigan, Notre Dame), could be...
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    I think there is plenty of blame to go around on many fronts regarding the Gopher passing game. Having gone to all the home games (where one can see the entire field), I would say that much of the time the Gopher receivers had no separation from their defenders and the Gophers must have led the...
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    OSU #1 in First CFP Rankings

    If one wanted to order Gopher vs OSU tickets via the Gopher ticket office, the orders were due to on 10/20 (ticket assignments are based on one's "Gopher Score"). Have a fairly high 'score" number so am assuming I will get the 2 tix ordered, but not received anything yet. You could call the...
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    Gopher historians ? What is OUR largest comeback victory ?

    Great call/memory! I think we have a winner! On November 4, 1978 Indiana was up 24-0 in the second quarter at Memorial Stadium - Rogind kicked a game-winning 31-yd field goal with :02 remaining to beat the Hoosiers 32-31. Was Cal Stoll's final year as a head coach.
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    Gopher historians ? What is OUR largest comeback victory ?

    According to wiki - Gophers beat Purdue 16-13 in September 19th, 1981 - not sure if the game referenced above is a different year? Can't find anything better than 14 point comeback - however one of those games was the defeat of the Buckeyes on November 7, 1981. Rallying from a 14-0 deficit -...
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    Tailgates with Twins game

    More of a caution than a suggestion - it is my experience that on capacity game days (such as this one) the tailgate lots get quite full and cellular service shrinks to about nothing. It becomes almost impossible to even refresh the "yahoo sports" app on your phone. Especially as everyone will...
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    Tanner Morgan signed by the Vikings

    An NFL Team can place up to 16 players on the practice squad - with TM the Vikings now have 13, so there is "practice squad space" as long as he is needed. Slightly different TM question - can't remember if it was the NC game or NW game, but the camera showed TM with a clipboard and the...
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    I rarely pay close enough attention to all the players lined up on offense (or defense) - but did see in the fourth quarter a play that had BSF lined up wide right. Now maybe this is a common-enough formation that I had just not noticed before - but it appears that the staff could be mixing up...

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