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    Shooter: Andrew Rohde is getting $450K over 3 years in NIL money at Virginia

    Yep!! UW liked alot, but offered a BS ride. U missed huge here, saw him hit for 30+ vs ORU. Kid is Super!! Honors to Jonnny Tauer, great recruiter that no one sees……… ??? UM!!?? uff da
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    Shooter: Andrew Rohde is getting $450K over 3 years in NIL money at Virginia

    JONNY TAUER - I Saw this kid drop 32 vs NCAA Rated 22 at time Oral Roberts in StP. Packed!! He is A BITCH. Plus He Plays D! Bottom line folks, yes, UW missed on him, they know it. BIG ??? Is why isn’t Jonny Tairer our Coach?,?!?! cause Jonny T can rectruit!! U of MN next coach…..
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    With 15 now on the roster

    You are right on the $$ there!! Great points!! Agree, agree.
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    With 15 now on the roster

    This is just nuts!! We can’t even fill the roster, and honestly 2 are coming back from major injuries hoping they will be 90% of what they were?!?!? Uff. Payne will be a Beast! He will get smarter with the fouls….. Long Arms, Aggreisve, Ideally, would be nice to improve FT % 5-10%.……. that...
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    Strack: Do Not Rule Eric Musselman Out as Next Gophers MBB Coach

    With the Joke ‘23-24 Non-Conference (D2) Schedule >> 8-4 ish into B10 play, then 2-3 Win B10 Season, SO >> 11-19-ish and we will be told by A.D., “it’ll be one more year or else”……. (in the guise to save money from mistakes made) HENCE, YES, HIRE MUSSELMAN TONIGHT!!! Sell a $10 ticket!! WIN...
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    Congrats to former Gophers guard Ryan Saunders who’s heading to the NBA Finals as an assistant with Denver.

    Flip was the best, and maybe Ryan someday can be too, but man, he needs to start “working“. Come on Man…..!!!! Dad started from the ‘very bottom’ and I mean the very bottom, Golden Valley Lutheran College (gym was 400 people max). He worked the sidelines like it was the NBA Finals, quirky and...
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    The U needs to quickly re-brand. Like fast. Academics, Safety, and certainly Socially ($$$). Honestly, they have a great situation there but are too dumb to “get it”!, Hockey (both genders), Football, are great!!! They NEED to knock down the Barn, build a 9,000 seat, neat, totally modern...
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    new roster up for 2023-2024

    Wilson will help Payne a lot, but he will get tired quickly in B10. Unless P. Payne goes completely great crazy good……. 3-17 B10 Record. All ’new‘ guys are weak, undersized, mid D1 players……. Just saying.
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    Are we done with signings?

    Team strength (muscle) is so poor. (Even P Payne is not strong (yet). Poor bench, poor Home Ct advantage, poor coaching, etc. 2 severely injured players you are betting on, that honestly aren’t even that good for B10 night-after-night level. No real impact Fr. coming in…. I honestly, do not...
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    The U on Pharrel Payne: He’s just getting started. 📈

    He is a Beast!!! I’m from Cottage Grove: met, talked, shook hands, since 9th Gr. etc. Great Family!! Raised Super. Almost naive, quiet. Very late (11th Gr.) AAU player. VERY Long Arms, doesn’t care (very non-selfish) about scoring, a fault that better be corrected by Ben J!!. ‘Not...
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    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Gophers are at a MAJOR disadvantage, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. It is a FACT. 55+ years of proof with BIG10 records: FB & BB. Due to many many factors: MSHSL lack of talent, location (cold ass town!), 4+pro teams for tickets, very poor facilities over the years, and general demographics...
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    No, not nuts….. Program just needs a ‘spark’ and some ‘spunk’ to the program. Seems like a real spark plug, even as a 4th Guard off bench for 2 min stretches…….. can see him dishing to P. Payne very easily, (as a preferred walk-on with ability to ‘earn scholy’) As far as ‘no’ offers, that’s...
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    The Gophers are famous for missing on good back-up B10 Guards from MSHSL……. Tibbits would be a great 3rd / 4th G off the bench: instant energy, steals, push the ball, etc. Not an All-Star, agreed, but an obvious great push for the team in practice / games with quickness. I said the same exact...
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    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Knock Down the Barn, play in T. Ctr. for a year, start over with a real commitment from Biz Corp, NIL, Etc. Make new ‘Barn’ an 8K arena that ROCKS!! That is the real answer! BUT it will take real $$ and real commitment!! (FYI, ain’t, gonna happen, the U is are broke!)…….
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    If Johnston isn't the guy, who would be next for the Gophers?

    A. Johnston is the best hire, period. He is a proven D1 Coach (very good Summit League), they are currently approx 24-2. More importantly, he works!! He, or his Asst, are are ALL AAU good summer games in Des Moines, Omaha, Mpls, Fargo, and Denver. And they actually talk to people in the...
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    Pistol Pete Perspective

    And there was NO shot clock, so teams could ‘hold’ the ball if they wanted. This record is simply Nutty!! What a player! You need to watch the Doc on You Tube. Great, but very sad. Died at approx 42yrs.
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    B. Johnson Salary???

    Why does Coach Ben Johnson make $1.9MM / Year (or $950 /Hour)….. Honestly? This is an honest question…..
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    Realistic expectations for 2023-24?

    4-16 type record. Remember other ‘lower level’ B10 teams are really improving; Nebraska, Penn St, Northwestern, Rutgers, etc. Mid-level teams Wisconsin, Maryland, Iowa, and Michigan won’t sit still / drop….. Honestly, who will we be better than??
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    All Things 2024 Daniel Freitag Recruitment Thread (Gophers Have Offered)

    He commit to UW??? He is super duper competitive, like a killer, and plays high level HS FB. Why aren’t are UM Coaches at ALL the games, it’s a 20 mile drive…..? He that high-maintenance???

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