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    All Things 2023 D2/D3 Hoops

    Current Carleton student weighing in. In terms of athletics, there is a rivalry between GAC and Carleton, but only because lots of interactions with GAC athletes at games over years have been of them being cocky and stuck-up. At MIAC Soccer semifinal at Carleton there was pushing and shoving...
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    Non-conference is now over, how many total B10 Ws do we end up with?

    I said 7. And I have been waiting to eat my crow. This team has been so much fun to watch this season!!
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    All Things 2023 D2/D3 Hoops

    That was frustrating as a Carleton fan. Seeing the Freshman slip on a 3, and then getting sworn and yelled at by fans behind gustie bench. Cannot lose composure there though
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    All Things 2023 D2/D3 Hoops

    Should be a fun game at West Gym. Season split where both teams won the home game. Knights have had a couple extra days rest, and I hope that makes a difference for them. SJU might get an at-large bid, but in all likelihood the MIAC champion will be the only team to make the tourney this year
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    Annies Parlor

    Isn't Harriet still called Harriet? I thought that Calhoun was the lake with the name change to Bde Maka Ska
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    Blind Resume: Who Ya' Got?

    Team B. Most wins among the 3 and best KPI, as well as no ugly losses
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    Gophers Wrestling 2023-24 Season

    Fitting end for McKee's last meet at the Pav
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    Gophers Wrestling 2023-24 Season

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    Blind Resume: Who Ya' Got?

    All things considered I probably lean C and D. Team A is let down by their true road percentage and a weak non-con. Team B's losing record in Q1 games has me chose D over them. C is probably first in for me, I like KenPom generally better overall and their SOS edges out D
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    Gophers #112 in initial KenPom rankings

    Looks like you were just a bit early on that one. Gophers now at 53, 1 ahead of Nebraska and 5!!! ahead of the anteaters
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    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Man with those bricks Winter would've fit well in with the first half of our games really well
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    Gophers Wrestling 2023-24 Season

    21-0 at intermission. McKee only somewhat shaky wrestler so far. Really impressive second period from Blockhus. If Brenner wins at 165 it might be a sweep
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    Gophers at Badgers Feb 2nd & 3rd 2024

    Not babying them. They played well and outplayed Wisco on the road. Just saying Bonin is far too pessimistic on them.
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    Gophers at Badgers Feb 2nd & 3rd 2024

    Is there actually nothing better you have to do than complain and whine about this team? I am far from the biggest optimist of all time but the way you talk about the gophers you would think they lose 7-0 every single game. They are kids man, and they outplayed the #4 team in the country at...
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    Gophers Wrestling 2023-24 Season

    Would've liked to see Wells get another win, he was close. But a 30-6 win is going to upset very few people, and none of our true favorites were upset tonight. Good victory overall
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    Gophers Wrestling 2023-24 Season

    Wrestlestat (which predicted a loss for us to Rutgers last weekend) predicts a 28-6 win over Maryland and 25-9 over Northwestern
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    Early lines have the game at MIN -2.5. gotta be first big ten game the gophers have been the betting favorite on in a couple years? 14-2 ATS this season, would love to make that 15
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    I was at Assembly Hall for the game between Indiana and Kansas, and there are very few places with a home-court advantage that even come close to comparing to the candy canes. Start of the game is going to determinate the outcome. If we start out slow, we are in trouble, because unlike at the...
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    Gladly. I am more than happy to drink that kool-aid. 2 wins in the last three years at Michigan??!! When is the last time that has happened. Hawkins has got to be one of the best passing PGs in a while here too. Stressful but this team is a lot more fun to watch than it has been in years, even...

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