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    It’s that or the win at Michigan his first year
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    Week #13 Field of 68 projection with a focus on "record vs. the field"

    Illinois and Purdue. Iowa and Nebraska are sitting just outside the top 50 at 59 and 52 as well so could push into the top 50.
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    Jordan Guerad Commited

    Looks like he had nice production while at FIU
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    How many times are we going to run it on 3rd and medium or long and not get it before we change? Pathetic
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Interesting, I thought there was an enrollment multiplier based on previous success but not sure exactly how or what sports. Thanks for the info.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Does anyone know the rules for getting moved up/down in class size or have a link to them? Might have been mentioned earlier but I am at game and can’t get search feature to work.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Any idea who the streaming provider is? Was thinking it was Channel45 but can't find anything.
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    Good Article on Nebraska’s 3-3-5 Defense

    Not saying we shouldn’t take Nebraska seriously, but are we actually that worried about this game? They’ve won 10 games in the last 3 years, have a new coach and a starting QB who has very mediocre stats from his time at GT(to be fair I know nothing about GT). With that being said I understand...
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    Texas Tech head basketball coach suspended for racially insensitive remarks.

    Ole Bobby with the thread hijack and handing out a straw man to everyone. A tale about as old as the bible itself.
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    $4M settlement reached in Iowa football discrimination suit; auditor wants Gary Barta out

    Does everyone survive multiple multimillion dollar settlements and assistants being fired for cause too?
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    $4M settlement reached in Iowa football discrimination suit; auditor wants Gary Barta out

    I haven't followed this as closely as others but how does Ferentz still have a job if multiple settlements were from the football program?
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    POLL: Will UST have a better KenPom ranking than our Gophs at all during the 2022-23 season?

    First time at a UST game last night for me and was pleasantly surprised, great atmosphere and a back and forth game for the most part. Rohde is legit, think Kendall Blue will be really good down the line too. As stated above, they don't have any beef down low-ultimately why I think ORU was able...
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    MSHSL says No to seeding State FB playoffs

    If they have shot 8 down before I'm wondering why they didn't just propose 1-5. I think that would be just as effective.
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    Eden Prairie Coach

    Anyone have any insight into what happened here? Read an article yesterday that stated he was suspended for a racist remark and then brought back, and North St. Paul refused to play them.
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    Brewster and Colorado

    The video of him is pretty cringeworthy but I don't really think its far off from PJ and the language he instructs our players to use. Love PJ but you are right, some really interesting personas in college football
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    Braelon Oliver (Sr LB) Into the Portal

    Maybe he wanted to play closer to home but isn't GT terrible?
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    Syracuse fans reacting to Minnesota fans reacting to playing Syracuse

    Spoof is back baby!! C'mon Murray-he wants to have a real conversation!
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    Transfer Portal - Potential Targets

    Good catch, was thinking Oliver was done after this year but you are correct. Won't be nearly as much of a need but could use a depth piece maybe.
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    Transfer Portal - Potential Targets

    Anyone else think it might be wise to look at a LB in the portal? Losing MSM and Oliver scares me a little bit. Lindenberg is back but I don't think Willis/Williams/LeCaptain have shown a ton so far.

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