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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    Chip Kelly rumored to be taking 3 of his top players to Ohio State. The rich get richer. Fleck might consider hanging around Columbus. OSU is going to have some quality cast offs soon.
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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    Has anyone considered a completely different take? Like maybe Fleck’s agent is stirring the pot about UCLA’s interest. One way to get your client a raise and new contract from Minnesota after a 5-7 record.
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    2024 Record prediction

    So I was off for 2023. I predicted a tie for first in the west at 8-4. 2024- 7-5 is a realistic goal.
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    Saturday Tradition: Our way to early 2024 Big Ten Power Rankings (16. Minnesota)

    Not believing it’s a jump ball. Nebraska and Wisconsin taking big swings with coaches, recruits and players. Nebraska to sign Halvorsen as an OC. NW is a wild card. Bruins, Gophers, Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Terps, Hawkeyes, Illini, in a dog fight to breakout of the bottom tier. Does anybody think...
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    tOSU signs 5, 5 stars

    Interesting, McCord left OSU for the portal after a 11-1 year. In an interview he gave 2 reasons. Not enough NIL money and no guarantee that would start next year. It will be interesting to see how he will do without Harrison, Egbuka. , and Stover. Not great reasons. I guess Syracuse bought...
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    tOSU signs 5, 5 stars

    Alabama has 3, Georgia 4. Not exactly parity in the Big. Nebraska has 1. Rest of the Big-0. OSU’s avg is 92.99 - Disparity in talent is not necessarily a good thing - long term
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    Kyle MCord to Nebraska?

    Update from today. Nebraska a firm no. Your wish is granted.
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    Downside of bargain hunting in the portal

    Yep. You can also get a waiver for a variety of reasons. The transfer portal and NIL are making it even harder for Minnesota to compete
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    Downside of bargain hunting in the portal

    Fleck and his minions seem to be working hard to find those diamond in the rough bargains in the portal . Imagine Fleck and staff sitting in a room with Macklemore blaring out Thrift Shop 24/7 . Downside is that if you get some gems they are back in the portal the next year, lured away by NIL...
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    Kyle MCord to Nebraska?

    Word out today is a heavy lean to Nebraska. UGH!Competing in the new Big I guess. Meanwhile, the sunshine pumpers in Minneapolis are ecstatic about d2 qb transfer from a low level league and a bad team. Probably the same people who thought AK was the next coming
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    Kyle MCord to Nebraska?

    Word out of Columbus is that McCord has narrowed his transfer search to 8 schools. He is rumored to be leaning towards Nebraska. Hopefully he goes somewhere else. Minnesota not on his list. Probably scared off by competition with that qb from New Hampshire.
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    Bucknell transfer CB Ethan Robinson sets official visit with Gophers

    Bucknell plays in the Patriot Athletic League. Georgetown put 50pts on them. Georgetown? They have football? Anyone can make a highlight tape. Covering a guy who runs a 5.1 40 is different than covering a Big receiver.. we might want to hold our enthusiasm on this one.
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    Max Brosmer is the QB this program needed | Story

    Good idea getting a competent QB. Color me a little skeptical when he honed his skills beating powerhouses like Stonehill and SUNY Stoneybrook. He did beat Maine. Always good when you can hand it to a bunch of Mainiacs. That experience should help against Wisconsin.
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    Were you on drugs? Dirtiest, most crime ridden city in the country. Had my car stolen there while on business. Was a company car so no biggie, right? Wrong . Insurance company cancelled me when I filed a claim for my new set of golf clubs that were in the trunk. If you want to have a good time...
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    The dichotomy in a pro sports town

    You all forgot University of Cincinnati. Bengals. UC in Championship series. Major corps hq in Cincinnati include Krogers, Proctor & Gamble, and American Financial. None who support UC in any large way. Your argument is BS
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    So what bowl game will the Gophers get?

    ?? Does College of Charleston (sc) even have football? University of Charleston (wv) is D2
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    So what bowl game will the Gophers get?

    After next weeks win over the red rodents what bowl game will Minnesota get an invite from? Hopefully not another Bad Boy Mowers Bowl at yankee stadium. How about: Pop Tarts Bowl-Orlando. Played at breakfast time? Dukes Mayo Bowl- Charlotte- What’s the early spread? Famous Idaho Potato Bowl-...
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    Predict the Score Thread: Minnesota at Ohio State

    35-10. OSU eases up early to preserve starters for The Game. They will want to give reps to their backups. No need to give too much Intel to the cheaters up north. Connor Stalions has previously purchased tickets for the game. Possible opportunity to buy a ticket for the sold out game at the...
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    Shama: Voices Need to Speak up for College Football Parity

    You can’t mandate parity. NIL is a bad idea. Saban, Day, and a host of other coaches have come out against it. Lots of money supporting a program doesn’t guarantee success. How did that work out for TAMU? Give a 19 year a pile of money and what could go wrong?
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    Fleck after Purdue loss, “It’s all on Me”.

    Maybe next time Fleck should come out and say there is a curse on Minnesota in Illinois. Heck, it is bleeding over to Indiana. West Lafayette is nearby. Burt “Haystack Calhoun” Bielma must have a voodoo Gopher doll with pins in it. How do you compete with that? Time to add some new things to blame.

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