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    3 Ski U Mah Parking Passes Available

    Message me if interested or reply here
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    2012 Entrance Music/Video

    Well, since it's mid-July and there is nothing better to talk about, I figured I would bring up the topic of this year's entrance presentation. Personally, I would like to eventually find something that becomes a tradition, like Enter Sandman for Virginia Tech. Here's my suggestion:
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    Not Trying to Be a Debbie Downer, but....

    The end of the 2nd quarter killed us. Our offense should have been able to get a touchdown but settled for a field goal, and then our defense basically just gave up. Yes, Cousins did have a good drive, but we still should never allow a team to move all the way down the field in 40 seconds...
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    Stadium Expansion: Will it ever even happen?

    I know this is a very weird time to be talking about a topic like this, with the NDSU game tomorrow and considering the fact we would have trouble filling a typical high school stadium at the moment, but I wanted to just hear other opinions on this. Ever since the TCF Bank Stadium was built, I...

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