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    All Things EA College Football 25

    I’m wondering how many players opt out given that, from my understanding, all players are getting the same $600 payment. I could see some stars that are getting big money opting out unless they get a bigger check than everyone else.
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    Agreed. If he tries that stepping over a player garbage in the NBA he’s going to be in for a lesson.
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    ESPN: Sources: Jim Harbaugh accepts head coaching job with Chargers

    I think it can be reasonably assumed he would be all over it for the cash and resources offered by Michigan. Don't think fandom has a lot to due with what jobs coaches would take but I could be wrong.
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    Absolutely brutal call. Clear pin off the backboard.
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    I kind of quit watching college basketball the last few years. Good to see the B1G officiating for MSU games hasn’t changed.
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    The People’s DC options

    Have we contacted Tony Dungy yet?
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    5* Dylan Raiola commits to Nebraska: No. 1 QB in 2024 flips from Georgia, becomes program's highest-rated recruit

    Saw this meme a long time ago but there really needs to be an NE version. Fits so perfectly.
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    Iowa fan appeals “fair catch” to World Series tv viewers

    That’s what cracks me up about it. The refs, by virtue of the call, completely agree with them. My Hawkeye family members say the same thing as these people whenever they talk about the game. I always tell them they’re completely correct, that it wasn’t a fair catch, it was an invalid fair catch...
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    NCAA President to propose New Division

    I don’t know if I agree. I think it’s more likely that interest in competitive sports falls if we lose competitive balance. The NFL, NBA, and NHL are all setup to provide balance via a draft and salary caps. There are some teams in that make more and spend more than others but it’s hardly a...
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    AP: Send money! The NIL era has some football coaches telling fans to put up or shut up for top recruits

    I thought about this today. Could you sign a coach to a $20 million per year contract, with $5 million a year guaranteed, with the expectation that the coach donates $15 million a year to a collective?
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    Matt Rhule: "A good QB in the portal costs $1 million, $1.5, 2 million" in NIL.

    Unfortunately that’s not going to fix anything. If we’re allowed to do it OSU and Michigan will do the same thing. And likely will eventually make the argument that they want a bigger piece of the media pie. We’re not going to win a financial arms race in a Wild West atmosphere with no rules.
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    Michigan Leaving the Big Ten?

    Oh no! Please rescind any punishments immediately. Certainly can’t imagine life without them in the B1G. I hope I can sleep tonight.
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    The NCAA has opened an investigation into No. 2 Michigan over possible rule-breaking around in-person scouting of opponents

    Dead on. Trying to play the middle and come up with as small of a punishment that will appease B1G coaches and AD’s. The end result is that nobody on either side will be happy.
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    Will The NCAA allow for NIL advertising?

    Just have General Mills sign a sponsorship deal with the U for 10 bucks and then General Mills could “coincidentally” give $2,999,990 to the collective.
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    I asked a Northwestern reporter Six Questions.

    These guys kill me. To recap “we’re a flaming dumpster fire. I think we’ll win as double digit dogs.”
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    I asked an Eastern Michigan reporter six questions.

    Luckily it’s a classic let down type scenario for them. Tough to not come out flat after such an impressive win against a powerhouse like Howard.
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    I asked an Eastern Michigan reporter six questions.

    If you struck all references to Eastern Michigan from the interview by his responses I would have guessed we were getting ready to no play the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. Sounds like we’re walking into a real buzzsaw.
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    Hopefully the trail of tears that will be running from the Bank southwest to Lincoln, NE later tonight will help with the lack of moisture the region has experienced.

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