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    2024 POY

    If we are talking Gophers? It's probably gotta be Garcia. Hawkins is probably in the discussion but Garcia is our leading scorer by a good margin. Garcia is also our leading rebounder and after Payne nobody else is close. Garcia as the season has unfolded has been the steadying influence for...
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    2024 POY

    Win the damn game...don't turn the ball over three times in the last minute and there would be nothing for Duke to whine least from Wake Forest on Saturday.
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    U President Search

    If our new Prez can do this: "...she showed a commitment to the community, working with groups in Flint, Mich., to ensure they had a voice in discussions when researchers around the country parachuted in to examine their water problems." Maybe, she will have NIL donors "parachuted in" and...
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    Coach Dawn Plitzuweit's First Season

    We seem to be bashing Sanders and Battle pretty good here? Coach P recruited Sanders. I'd say Coach P is responsible for how both point guards run the offense? As a coach if you can't teach the point guard to play without dribbling to no where or for no me that's not the players...
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    CBJ performance

    Agree, Ben should be the coach in year four. But, also like you long do you go without at least making the NCAA tournament. Extending him now would seem foolish but my guess is it happens. Lot of questions....what if we go 1 and 3 to finish? 9 and 11 is decent in our poor history...
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    Work outs

    Spring football has not all you have right now are Nekton Olympics.
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    Work outs

    I had a similar experience just the other day...I was doing arm raises combing my hair in front of the mirror. For just a fleeting moment I're looking pretty good... to myself. Rarely, I think you can add me to the list of guys who are looking good in workouts.
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    100% but the philosophy of why as coaches you take guys out with two fouls started because officiating got dramatically worse with the addition of girls basketball. Boys high school basketball in the 70's had awesome high school officials. Guys often did college and high could...
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    Shooter: Market value suggests it could cost nearly $10,000 a month over the school year to retain Christie; $3-4K/month to keep Payne

    We kept the football guys through January and February. Hopefully, they are still here in August. If so, it's likely the basketball guys won't lack NIL money either. Doesn't mean they may not transfer for a 100 other reasons.
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    New Mexico & Michigan State among at-large teams taking big hit in latest Field of 68 projection

    The New Mexico home loss to Air Force was brutally bad. They could easily fall out unless they win on the upcoming road games or make a conference tournament run.
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    It's not the players the coaches don't trust. When girls basketball came on board everywhere the pool of officials was cut in half. Very few officials you can trust as a coach...the majority are very inconsistent and unaware. So, limited competent officials in Minnesota HS Basketball is why it...
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    What are the odds everyone comes back next year?

    "In a separate case about the NCAA's rules that restrict a student-athlete's ability to transfer to a new school without penalty, a federal judge decided in December to grant an injunction. That ruling compelled the NCAA to change its rules to allow student-athletes to transfer as many times as...
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    Makena Christian Commits

    Old hilites AAU teammates with Grace and she appears to be a clone of her.
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    Caleb Williams in the portal.

    We are so loaded nobody thinks he'd help the Gophers? He was the best player on the floor in November.
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Host Wisconsin (2-20-24)

    Freshmen were not able to play by rule when Pete was in college. So not only was there no three point line or shot clock...he achieved his totals in three years.
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    Drop Your Way-Too-Early B1G Standings Predictions HERE

    Dang! That's a lotta teams to climb over!
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th!

    Also just announced Max Brosmer and Cody Lindenburg will sit out for precautionary reasons.
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    Spann -Ford and Nubin invited to NFL Combine.

    Gophers are only 16 guys behind Michigan's 18 invitees to the combine.

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