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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    he had way more conference predictions/sources wrong than he got right but good for him as he got media coverage for the ones he did right. head on a swivel was wrong more than right.
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    Fleck is staying!!!

    so fleck turns down ucla, nice.
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    Fleck is staying!!!

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    Fleck is staying!!!

    +o4, burns jumped all over the fleck is leaving story and touted his sources. he was wrong again. people fall all over themselves for burns, it’s weird. he rarely breaks stories and ive heard two difference coaches laugh about him how he begs for recruiting info. but this is good news about...
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    NFL Hall of Fame class of '24

    put #69 allen in the hall.
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    All Things 2024 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    over/under on how many games buxton plays? ill set it at 75
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    Cam Christie = a young Quincy Lewis

    good comparison, hope cam has long career here like q did.
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    Would you support Coyle giving Fleck a raise and extension to keep him at MN?

    no, i wouldn’t give him a leverage extension and raise at this time.
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    Jerry Kill gets job at Vanderbilt.

    ol ‘jer is a ball coach. its who he is, it’s in his blood. he turns boys into men and football is his vehicle. he’s also a fix it guy and when ad’s and other coaches think their programs need fixin’ they call jer’. he’s a humble man who is know for his class as he tells us often. if it was up to...
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    Wow! Jerry Kill is stepping down as head coach at New Mexico State.

    ol’ jer’ is a ball coach, it’s who he is, it’s in his blood. he turns boys into men and football is his vehicle. ol’ jer’ is also a fix it guy. when ad’s need fixin’ they call ol ‘jer. he’s also a very humble man, he spent most of his press conference after losing yet another bowl telling us all...
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    Let's slow down on the Fire PJ Chatter

    nearly everyone knows he’s not getting fired. he needs to change a lot though.

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