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  1. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Simoni Lawrence retires from CFL after 11 year career

    Wow that’s a long career. o7
  2. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Favorite U of M Fight Song - Non-Rouser Division

    Minnesota March hands down: It's hard to beat a Sousa song. It's not quite as noticeable in most recordings, but in person the drums kicking in after the singing is great. Video from a while ago:
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    No, he wrote the lyrics to ah-ha’s “Take On Me”
  4. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    All Things DinkyTown Athletes

    Gotta go inside Cub… I dunno..
  5. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Annies Parlor

  6. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Spring Game Set For April 20th!

    Did they actually announce it? I didn't get an email and man they usually love to send emails about this stuff.
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    I feel like Goldy and that guy would get along on multiple levels.
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th!

    Annual Spring Game Cancellation set for April 13!
  9. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Annies Parlor

    Crap I should have gone there today!
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  11. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Drop Your Way-Too-Early B1G Standings Predictions HERE

    1. Minnesota 2. Everyone else.
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    Annies Parlor

    I’ve wondered the same. I always loved visiting there. Sad to see it closed for so long.
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    Nebraska announces salaries for Matt Rhule’s coaching staff

    Kinda weird to have a "staff salary announcement" maybe it isn't as formal as I'm thinking.
  14. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Fleck is staying!!!

    Feel good movie of the year.

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