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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    Not too sure about WNBA getting much more. They are already heavily subsidized by the NBA and that's not making some owners happy.
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    How about cut the errors and brain farts by players and coaches? I can live with talent discrepancy.
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    Gopher WBB "Fans" ....Are you serious?

    Everyone on this board is allowed their own opinions. That's the point of the board. Calling people names, is showing a lack of maturity. Women's sports should want ALL attention they can get as it means people are watching and paying. And if you think players go on message boards to get...
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    Wins are nice.
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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    People have been saying this for years now.
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    Personally, I want to see better from gophers. Hinders my excitement a little.
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    Cameron Diaz

    Retired due to spending time with family and questions arising about her soft-core past.
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    Assistant Coaching and Support Staff Changes

    What? All these years and he couldn't survive without him? Interesting. s/
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    Agree with the first part, not willing to concede the second. New money, and power 2 prestige gives Gophers an opportunity that they must use and run with.
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    Ihmir Smith-Marsette Commits

    Jerry Kill was the act. The annual discussion on decommits is usually related to NIL and some people are only starting to get a grip on that.
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    Ihmir Smith-Marsette Commits

    And from a certain perspective, that happened here in this example. Guess Marsette didn't truly want to be here.
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    Stop blaming Ben for the close losses!

    Compare records of all the coaches you mentioned. CBJ has the worst record by far.
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    Ihmir Smith-Marsette Commits

    Don't buy what? Whoever said he doesn't pressure kids, like all coaches? Nothing burger of a story.
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    Rossi leaves for $1.5 million

    Why? Again what motivation is there to quickly pay off a low, simple interest loan? Bad business. Should I pay off my car at .9% interest or put extra money into my investments that are making 15% these last 12mths?
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    Rossi leaves for $1.5 million

    I believe it was stated though that they only want to use private donations though. And explains why it's not "paid off" yet. Keep the revenue for all other AD expenses.
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    Rossi leaves for $1.5 million

    No they can't. It's required to be paid via direct donations only. They could have a billion dollars and not pay it off. And what interest rate do you think they're being charged?
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    This is good business. Are you saying liberal and good business go together?
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    Rossi leaves for $1.5 million

    Were paid by loan from university. The owed part is back to the university.

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