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    NCAA 2023 Brackets

    It'll be a bit harder for Sheffield without Hugh and Cathy in the league to scout talent for him ;)
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    2024 Gopher Football is a watershed moment.

    Petition to replace Goldy Gopher with Chicken Little so the Minnesota fan base feels better represented.
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    Rossi leaving for DC at Michigan St

    PJ gets a lot of coaches paid, many up and comers will be interested in the job. This is how football works now, get used to it.
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    B1G Game 1: Gophers Host Purdue (12-10-23)

    Man, Braun playing with fire there spiking the ball with 2 seconds left... Nice win though.
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    B1G Game 1: Gophers Host Purdue (12-10-23)

    Women's basketball officiating ruins the sport for me, it's been this way for years. And as usual, it's not that I think they don't know the rules, it's that I'm not even sure they have eyes.
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    B1G Game 1: Gophers Host Purdue (12-10-23)

    It's not a hard nut to crack, it's a hard nut to crack for the University because they build these in(s)ane rules for themselves which means they can only offer Subway sub coupons instead of things people want. At least this was the case back when I was involved with The Barnyard in the 2000s.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    I'd definitely defer to your expertise when it comes to boneheadedness.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    Do you not have YouTube? Plenty of old Washington matches on there. Does everyone conveniently forget that Hugh didn't make the tourney early in his tenure? Transition is hard. Give him time, he's a good coach and a connected coach.
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    STrib: Dawson Garcia needs a co-star: Four Gophers with the potential to do it

    You know the program is dead when the beat writer proposes a guy averaging 9 mpg as a potential co-star.
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    PJ is looking forward to revenge for the Bowling Green Massacre.
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    CFP predictions

    ESPN owns the SEC contract and the CFP contract. You really think the committee has autonomy against the Mouse? This is a boon for ESPN. They get Alabama as a villain, and they get a storyline to talk about on all their stupid talk shows for the next few weeks leading up to it. They're going...
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    CFP predictions

    The media has billions and billions of dollars tied up in all this, it is all about money and special interests now. The sport you knew is dead.
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    NCAA Second Round: Gophers v. Blue Jays (12-2-23)

    TBF, KCook made way more changes than Hugh!
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    NCAA Second Round: Gophers v. Blue Jays (12-2-23)

    You know, it's ok to lose to a good team in the NCAA tournament when you're having a transition year. Creighton was great in serve receive, and this year's Gophers don't have the offense to beat a team like Creighton when they're passing well. I think I've said many times that while I like...
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    The only position in sports more important than college quarterback is...NFL quarterback.

    Kevin Sumlin kept moving up the coaching ladder with good inherited QBs. Look what happened to his career once he had to go get his own.
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    NCAA 1st Round: Gophers versus Utah State (12-1-23)

    Setting placement was off this whole match, luckily Shaffmaster was excellent in all of her other core areas and the Gophers just served and blocked Utah State out of the NCAA tournament. Need to clean it up to have a chance versus Creighton.
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    Gopher Soccer 2024

    Gophers land their first transfer...the leading scorer from the MAC, MF/F Katie Krohn out of Buffalo. Judging from the roster it looks like Amelia Brown and Sophia Barjesteh are gone. I know Megan Plaschko grad transferred to TCU. Sophia Boman elected to take her Covid year (last year for those).
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    Big Ten may not invite all 18 teams to conference tournament starting in 2024-25

    College Football was always cool because the entire season was a playoff, every game mattered. They've gotten rid of that. College Basketball was always cool because every team (minus the Ivy League until recently) still had a chance in March, even if it was slim AF. Now they're getting rid of...
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    Big Ten may not invite all 18 teams to conference tournament starting in 2024-25

    Terrible Tuesday in a local high school gym would be a bit of a draw.
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    The question must be asked….

    The Gophers haven't won a non-tainted Big Ten title in Football or Men's Basketball since 1982. You better hope there's no plan to be winning in major sports. If winning was the plan, yikes.

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