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  1. Winnipegopher

    Winnipeg Free Press article on Wolitarsky

    Drew Wolitarsky has carved out a nice career in Winnipeg. 2 Grey Cups already. FWIW, Simoni Lawrence is the only other active Gopher in the CFL although Rodney Smith and Shannon Brooks both appear to be on practice rosters. Here is a cut and paste of the article as it is behind a firewall...
  2. Winnipegopher

    Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves Championship appearance drought tracker

    I think the average fan, at least in Winnipeg, understands that Vegas plays to win. I think we laso hope it comes back to bite them in the ass as players don't want to be there but that seems to be wishful thinking. Las Vegas also seems to be quite astute in identifying talent. I don't think...
  3. Winnipegopher

    Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves Championship appearance drought tracker

    Absolutely on the luck. Every Stanley Cup winner has had a ton of luck. I lived in Edmonton for a while so follow lots of Oilers twitter. They are gutted as they know this was a year they could have won it all. Unfortunately for them, Las Vegas's no-name goalie outplayed Edmonton's unproven...
  4. Winnipegopher

    Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves Championship appearance drought tracker

    Las Vegas got lucky to get Florida. One wonders what Boston could have been. They also got lucky by having a career journeyman goalie become a number 1 overnight. Hill will turn back into a pumpkin next year although he will likely be a rich pumpkin (and no longer in Vegas).
  5. Winnipegopher

    Coney Durr signs with CFL

    I haven't seen enough of Durr to give any analysis but generally small American fooball linebackers who can tackle (Simoni Laurence) and big American football DBs who can tackle do well in the CFL. Hope he does well. As mentioned Montreal is a bit of a mess of a franchise but really so is...
  6. Winnipegopher

    All Things World Cup Soccer

    Disappointing but Croatia looked very good and Canada looked confused. It seems that inexperience on this stage got to them. It looks quite possible that all of the CONCACAF teams will not advance with only Costa Rica winning a game after 2 games each. Also Belgium may just not be very good...
  7. Winnipegopher

    All Things World Cup Soccer

    Yes, it was the wrong decision, especially against one of the world's best keepers. Any thoughts on Canada taking the game to the world #2? I think Croatia is a little more worried than they were prior to this game.
  8. Winnipegopher

    Article on Drew Wolitarsky

    Thought some might be interested in this article about Drew Wolitarsky. As it mentions he is having a very strong season. I have cut and paste below as I believe the Winnipeg Free Press has everything paywalled and most if not all posters here don't care enough about Winnipeg to pay. In other...
  9. Winnipegopher

    All Things 2021-2022 Minnesota Wild In-Season Thread

    The Wild have also gained an epic number of points after pulling the goalie. That inflates their point total quite a bit as it is generally seen as "luck" to be above league average. Wild- Blues will be a war. I think Colorado is beatable so this could be a year to go on a run. As for NHL...
  10. Winnipegopher

    World Cup Qualifiers

    Would a tie have gotten them into pot 3? Canada scored relatively late and it was called back on a VAR review that was pretty spotty. Ah well, it is important to remember that this is the first time since 1986 that Canada has been in and even more crazy, this was the first time since 1998 that...
  11. Winnipegopher

    World Cup Qualifiers

    Agreed that Canada will be in a group of death, but that's partly because Canada will be in it as they will be one of the really strong pot 4 teams. It will be interesting to see how Canada does in the World Cup. This seems to be a special team and a team whose best players are relatively young...
  12. Winnipegopher

    All Things 2021-2022 Minnesota Wild In-Season Thread

    Wild have also added Nic Deslauriers. With Middleton, Deslauriers, Folgino and Greenway, the Wild are easily the toughest team in the league now. Goes against the way hockey is trending but will make for an interesting playoffs.
  13. Winnipegopher

    NHL Salary Cap Manipulation - the "Kucherov" Plan

    Lehner now hurt, sounds long term, and Vegas looks like they may have a hard time making the playoffs. Never understood why they chose Lehner over Fleury. Have to say, Vegas missing the playoffs in a garbage division/ conference will be fun to see (sorry Ogee).
  14. Winnipegopher

    Shama: What uw has achieved in basketball during the last 20-plus years is remarkable; what U coaches and administrators have done is embarrassing

    Was Bo Ryan or Greg Gard ever publicly censured for not filling up a rental car before dropping it off? That incident tells you all you need to know about the University of Minnesota and its priorities.
  15. Winnipegopher

    NHL Salary Cap Manipulation - the "Kucherov" Plan

    If fans get angry, and they will, it should be with the league. After the Kucherov situation the NHL could have amended the salary cap rules (I think? Maybe it has to be negotiated with the NHLPA in a CBA). All they have to prohibit activating LTIR players for a certain number of playoff games...
  16. Winnipegopher

    World Cup Qualifiers

    Soccer is not a big sport in Canada, never has been. Immigration is changing that a bit. That said, this team is easily Canada's best ever and Alphonso Davies is already Canada's best player ever. Canada has started to join the gamesmanship inherent to CONCACAF as well. Tomorrow's game...
  17. Winnipegopher

    Phrases/Word Play That Annoy the &$%# Out of You

    "irregardless". Not a word- stop using it.
  18. Winnipegopher

    Yesterday was Magic Johnson's 30 year anniversary of announcing he has HIV

    The greatest thing it did was normalize HIV/AIDS. Can still remember my Dad saying "wouldn't have thuoght Magic Johnson was gay."
  19. Winnipegopher

    Animated Television Shows

    F is for Family is really good. I haven't watched in a long time but loved King of the Hill.
  20. Winnipegopher

    All Things "Top 5" Thread (Movies, TV Shows, Cities, Countries, Actors, Beers, Restaurants, Athletes, Sporting Events etc.)

    I assume you don't care for hockey. Any hockey fan younger than about 55 has to have Bobby Orr at the top of this list. I would have Jackie Robinson on my list as well

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