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  1. maroonfive

    Nebraska's $450M football stadium renovation plan criticized as academic programs are cut

    Football rules in that wasteland. The glorified community college is going to take a back seat. Marv and Thelma from Kearney drive their Winnebago every Saturday to watch the Bugeaters play. Don't F with them.
  2. maroonfive

    Article: Why Did Athan Kaliakmanis Enter the Transfer Portal?

    He can put on his big boy pants now. The best of luck to him if and when he plays again. It is time to move on. His time here wasn't that memorable and he will soon be forgotten.
  3. maroonfive

    College Football is Dead

    Michigan wanted and got the number one seed. Now they get Alabama. I would laugh my ass of if they lose and to see the look on all of the scUM's entitled faces. Priceless. The Walmart Wolverines will not be happy.
  4. maroonfive

    Gophers Football needs major help

    I think this post is late to the table. The poster must be a new fan, gopher football has needed major help since 1967. It is just a game, calm down. The drama surrounding this transfer portal nonsense is actually more entertaining than the season itself. Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. maroonfive

    The dichotomy in a pro sports town

    I am not buying your argument. If the U was located in either Mankato or St. Cloud we would still have the same issues. I know people who would whine that it is too far to drive. This is a unique area and a unique situation. Minnesota is different from most places.
  6. maroonfive

    Illini special teams are special

    I must have watched the highlights of a different Illinois team. They are 3- 5 for a reason.
  7. maroonfive

    STrib: Carter Booth Transfer Fuels Rivalry

    Rivalry lol. There is no rivalry. Just like women's hockey, the volleyball team has been surpassed by the skunks and it is truly embarrassing. We will soon just be another also ran program. It is too bad.
  8. maroonfive

    The NCAA has opened an investigation into No. 2 Michigan over possible rule-breaking around in-person scouting of opponents

    This all goes back to when the quarterback from Fairview stole Westdale's playbook from the Brady's family room. It proved Greg right about him being a Fairview fink but it left Marcia devastated.
  9. maroonfive

    invalid fair catch signal

    Do they not realize this is just entertainment? It is not like their total lives would revolve around Hawkeye football. Oh wait. You win some and you lose some, get over it. As my dad used to say it is just a bunch of guys throwing the ball around on a Saturday afternoon. Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!
  10. maroonfive

    Classless Iowa fans throwing trash on field

    They will have their chance to win the west and get blown out in the championship game. The sun came up today and their meaningless Iowa lives will continue.
  11. maroonfive

    2023 MN High School Football season

    Not many fans in the stands.
  12. maroonfive

    What happens next in Iowa City?

    What happens in Iowa City stays in Iowa City.
  13. maroonfive

    We out-Iowa-ed Iowa

    Wounded lol. They will have given up. After their beating tonight they will have rolled over and played dead.
  14. maroonfive

    We out-Iowa-ed Iowa

    The same score as in 1981. 4 field goals for the win. Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!
  15. maroonfive

    2023 MN High School Football season

    Poor Hopkins. Edina 72-0. I know Hopkins is a basketball school but for a school this size their football program needs help.
  16. maroonfive

    STrib: Gophers' passing struggles are especially aggravating for their fans

    We have no shot to even be .500 in the new Big Ten if we can't pass and recruit. We will be lost in the shuffle and an also ran. We are pretty much in that boat anyway. Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. maroonfive

    Week 7 Other Games Thread

    15 to 6. That is 1970's Lake Conference football Robbinsdale vs Hopkins Eisenhower lol.

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