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  1. Taji34

    The People’s DC options

    I said this before, I personally think the worst thing PJ can do is hire someone into the spot without DC experience. However, if that is what happens, Winston is probably the guy I'd be most okay with it happening for. I think it might be too early in his career, but I'm willing to give him a...
  2. Taji34

    Perich, Abasiri & Pretzlaff Watch

    No decommits so far is good, but doesn't indicate much. Basically means 2 things: 1. They haven't yet decided "I'm not going to go to the U", which is good. Means we still have a fighting chance, but that's about it, and 2. There hasn't been a visit yet that was "I don't need to see another...
  3. Taji34

    Rossi leaving for DC at Michigan St

    Huge punch in the gut, especially since he's leaving for the same position and not to be an HC or to go to the NFL. PJ cannot afford to take a risk here. You HAVE to find someone that is a known quantity. They need to have had DC experience in the past, and have at least not made that team's...
  4. Taji34

    NCAA President to propose New Division

    Didn't read all the posts so sorry if this has been talked about already: This feels like a move to not get left behind. The new NCAA president was brought in for a reason and sees the writing on the wall with regards to NIL. This allows for some of the "best of both worlds" in that the schools...
  5. Taji34

    No. 1 MN HS player in 2022 Lucas Heyer enters portal

    Eh, depends on who you want to try to work for and how soon. A name like Stanford means you'll get passed the initial cull of resumes at pretty much any job, even if you aren't leveraging the network it grants you as an alum. Depending on the industry, University of Minnesota doesn't give you...
  6. Taji34


    WSU's QB from this year, Cameron Ward, entered the Transfer Portal as a Grad Transfer. He spent his Freshman and Sophomore year at Incarnate World under the tutelage of Mack Leftwhich (who would be my pick if we were hiring a new OC/QB coach), who is currently the OC/QB coach at Texas State. It...
  7. Taji34


    Wow, I'm kinda shocked. Maybe it was a hard question, maybe Athan didn't like that they were bringing in some competition. However I wonder how much of this was also that he committed to the U when KC was OC/QB coach, and just really doesn't vibe with the current OC/QB coach.
  8. Taji34

    College Football Playoff: Projecting What a 12-Team Field Would Look Like for 2023

    5 of those 12 are B1G teams in 2024. Just an observation, the conference as a whole is really benefiting from Washington and Oregon joining, at least from a conference strength standpoint. I count 5 being in the SEC starting next year (I think?) as well. This playoff is very quickly turning...
  9. Taji34


    Some of it is OL play. I felt this way in 2020 as well, but it felt like a down year for our OL. Teams were able to break through the LOS pretty consistently, and there were many plays that didn't get a chance to develop because AK immediately had to leave the pocket to try to avoid a sack. I...
  10. Taji34

    Did others have issues with getting into stadium again yesterday?

    The bottleneck is the metal detectors. Yes, if people showed up earlier, or walk around the stadium to find the shortest line, it would help. However, you aren't going to change the behaviors of 50,000 people, especially during games when a non-negligible amount are visitors who may never have...
  11. Taji34

    Fleck needs to examine every facet of this program

    Agreed, but I think there is a balance to strike that he isn't quite hitting right. Like, you can find up and coming, young, less experienced guys who still have a promising (albeit short) track record at a given position. Like my pick for OC/QB coach that I made a thread about. There's a...
  12. Taji34

    Student Section

    This is not true, they are charged the resident student rate, so they pay the same as Minnesota kids:
  13. Taji34

    Portal Announcements

    We are apparently going bowling, so I expect transfer announcements to come after that game. Might as well take advantage of the extra practices, and potential playing time even if you are planning to transfer.
  14. Taji34


    I sound like a broken record, but I think some of this is on the OC/QB coach who has NEVER been in either position before. You CAN'T rely on an inexperienced OC/QB coach in the B1G, you just can't. Could Harbaugh be a good OC/QB coach later in his career? Sure, but he's basically gotta do all...
  15. Taji34

    Student Section

    Really wish there was less red in the student section yesterday. I've heard other schools don't allow students wearing the wrong colors into the student section, maybe we could do that? Don't know if those schools do anything for someone who wears the "right" color on top, and the "wrong" color...
  16. Taji34

    Final BT West Standings: Minnesota 4th all time at 29-30

    God the 4 3 2 Blank 1 Hurts.......
  17. Taji34

    Athan finishes season ranked 14th in passer rating in B1G

    Micheal Penix Jr. was #38 QB in the B1G in 2021 based on QB rating, now he's #3 in the Pac-12 and #10 overall in FBS. OC and QB coach can make a HUGE difference in the performance of a QB.....
  18. Taji34

    Fleck needs to examine every facet of this program

    I dunno, I think the offensive side of the ball needs more work, if we're replacing a coordinator....
  19. Taji34

    Who would you pick to replace our OC/QB coach and why? (My pick: Mack Leftwich)

    I really hope we learn soon that Harbaugh will not be with the team next year.... We need a proven commodity at OC/QB coach, not someone who hasn't done either before....
  20. Taji34

    Strack: PJ Fleck Must Find Quarterback He Can Trust in Offseason

    I think Athan just needs a QB coach who knows what they are doing, and has a track record of improving QBs. That and a competent OC.

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