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  1. GoldyPush-Ups

    All ROWds lead to Wisconsin

    And yet, they still found a way to win, unlike us.
  2. GoldyPush-Ups

    Shama: Voices Need to Speak up for College Football Parity

    This whole thread is whiny and embarrassing to Gopher fans. We are a historic program in one of the two premier conferences. We are the only D1 team in a State that ranks in the top half of States in terms of population. We have a large metro area to recruit from and an enormous (and I'm...
  3. GoldyPush-Ups

    Shama: Voices Need to Speak up for College Football Parity

    Absurd take. We're gonna pick and choose where 18-year-olds get their college degree? Not a chance.
  4. GoldyPush-Ups

    Who’s worse than the Gophers with 2 games left in the entire Big Ten?

    I've seen this sentiment many times on this very board, including multiple times this year. Well geezers, say we manage to beat the BADgers. Is it a successful season? IS IT?!
  5. GoldyPush-Ups

    Uni Watch

    Robitussin cough syrup. And it left just as gross a taste in my mouth.
  6. GoldyPush-Ups

    Five Reasons why the Gophers will win the Big Ten West

    Yes, I'm going to be highly critical of the grade-school-level writing and lackluster content because I come to GH to get insight and learn, not to be spoon-fed into believing my favorite team is going to win the conference. -Reason #2 has nothing to do with winning the West. -Reason #3 is...
  7. GoldyPush-Ups

    Breaking from the Athletic: Big 10 to invite Washington and Oregon

    Washington and Oregon have good second-tier hockey programs that have combined to make 18 of the 36 title game spots in their conference championship the last 18 years. I'm sure they couldn't hang with the current B1G, but maybe after some time...
  8. GoldyPush-Ups

    BREAKING: Oregon & Washington joining Big Ten, becoming latest schools to leave Pac-12

    Mostly aligned with the football part (not gonna play "what if" over ND or the actual teams in each region), but I do think they would just go perfect round robin with the basketball schedule at 19 games OR make it 20 games and have you play one pod team home and away.
  9. GoldyPush-Ups

    B1G Means Billions

    "Movement" 🙄 Take your bigotry back to Facebook and keep this forum to football.
  10. GoldyPush-Ups

    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Why would any fan want a 20-team conference?
  11. GoldyPush-Ups

    Gophers announce 3 theme games for 2023 season: Gold Out, Stripe the Bank, Maroon Out!

    People don't have much Gold winter gear, but many have Maroon jackets. Even if they don't, the darker colors will blend in much better for this late November matchup.
  12. GoldyPush-Ups

    Bowl Game Projections?

    Do you have a source for this?
  13. GoldyPush-Ups

    Bowl Game Projections?

    I believe the first sentence to be incorrect. And the second sentence is definitely not how it works.
  14. GoldyPush-Ups

    Bowl Game Projections?

    Penn State to a New Year's Six not listed here is the more likely lock. (Unless OSU makes the CFP, then they'll go to the Rose Bowl). I'm under the impression that the B1G will not be sending a representative to the Quick Lane Bowl this year.
  15. GoldyPush-Ups

    Gopher Starting D: 10 games, 5 touchdowns

    See, now this is a stat I'm impressed with! (Even if one game dragged the average down)
  16. GoldyPush-Ups

    Bowl Game Projections?

    I predict Duke's Mayo as well. UNC played in this bowl last year, so more likely someone new. Maybe Florida State? (Assuming I'm correctly understanding that the Cheez It Bowl would get the first crack at Notre Dame)
  17. GoldyPush-Ups

    Gopher Starting D: 10 games, 5 touchdowns

    LOL - You can't just choose to leave out the Penn State and Illinois games.
  18. GoldyPush-Ups

    2023 Schedule out Tomorrow

    I did some digging in my college buddy group-chat. I knew I had screenshotted the previous version of the schedule somewhere. The opponents and the locations are the exact same as they were before. The only change is the order of some games. No one can complain.

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