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    Predict the Score in NIt: Florida State vs Minnesota 4/1 New York @8 pm

    You guys know the drill!! Same format as before. Thank you!! Haugy#33 79-72
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    Predict the Score in NIt: SoutherMiss@ Minnesota 3/25 @8 pm

    Please use the same format as Dr. Don!!
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    Dr. Don Update

    You may have noticed Dr. Don's absence on the hole lately, well, A little Gopher told me that Dr. Don went to the Hospital to have a little work done on his pace maker on Thursday, the 26th. He had some complications and had to stay the night. He should be home Friday early afternoon. I think...
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    Harbison is out for the season according the Star and Tribune Sorry if this was already posted!! BUMMER!!! Nothing takes away from a promising future as injuries!!!!!
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    Way to go Ohio State!!!!

    The beat Bucky on his home floor!!
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    NIT here we come!!

    pathetic effort!!!
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    We were hoodwinked...

    by Adam Kelly and we are all giving him and his "business" lots of publicity!!! I loved in the interview by GH staff, Kelly turned the questions into I can do what ever I want, it is still a free country. He doesn't have to abide by any rules but everyone else has too. Maybe, Maturi did...
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    Coaching Staff and Players.

    Gopherphan your problem is obvious!!!!
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    Brew and Maturi

    are gone Monday!!!! I have a hunch!!! Based on the product on the field and the Goal Line Club, and lastly: Terrible ticket sales to the Minnesota fan base. DON"T sell out to Iowa Jerkeyes!! Sell your tickets to minnesota fans!! I will buy a few!!!! Five to be exact!!
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    make free throws!!!!

    if they would have made the free throw, I would have some fingernails left and I would still have my voice!! The dog ran for the bedroom!!
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    5 vs 8

    wow, no wonder it is so tough to win on the road. Great illini defense!! sarcasm in case you are blind or stupid!! these refs should go screw them selves!!! If you don't agree that we have been screwed this half you are blind and stupid!!! Tubby stand up for your players!!! Iverson...

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