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    Happy Birthday to #Gophers legend Antoine Winfield Jr. Who remembers his game winning interception in OT at Fresno State?!

    I was sitting row 1 10yard line on the gophers side. What a swing of emotion in a couple of seconds. It went from "not again" to "whaaat just happened!" I think that singular play changed the trajectory of the program. Even the best Mason and Kill teams alsways found new and painful ways to...
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    Dollar tree buckeye fan

    Thought I'd share this story here.... I'm at the go kart track in Phoenix with my daughter and a guy near me has a nice Minnesota golden gophers t shirt. I approach him and say "hey, I like your shirt!" He replies "oh I have nothing to do with them. I got it at dollar tree and it's a great...
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    What is your favorite Gopher football memory?

    Sitting in the front row and when the ball went up I thought it was an easy TD. Incredible and exhausting game that got me thinking things were changing...
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    Crown the champs

    With these new offenses that Purdue and Wisconsin plan to run, we may end up with a game where we eclipse 50:00 TOP...and still possibly lose lol. Should be entertaining, as the West will have offensive strategies all over the spectrum.
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    Crown the champs

    12 teams that can make some noise - CBSSports Nauseating already and it's still January. Every Badger backer thinks they'll be in the CFP and it's not even in doubt.
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    Jim Leonhard staying in Madison

    Anyone else remember Jeter saying "loyalty one way is stupidity"? Then again, I know a guy that caught his brother with his gf and still married her... Second thought, is Jimmy really that good as a DC? My memory is that Badgers defense has been pretty similar in recent history with Aranda...
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    Will Mo play in a bowl game?

    He has definitely been my favorite to watch. The Outback bowl was a huge performance and really a big step for the program. That was a game the Mason era teams would not have won. Also was at the Colorado game in '21 and watched him coaching up the freshman on his scooter. In my...
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    Is Mohamed Ibrahim the greatest RB in Gophers history?

    Can't argue with DT, but there is no way I could put Maroney ahead of Mo. In fact, I'm not even sure Maroney was better than MBIII on those teams. If this year plays out the way we all hope, Mo will be the guy.
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    RJ Young on board #15
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    Gophers vs West Virginia in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

    I just looked at Appleton to Mesa on Allegiant. $322 for the outbound leg on Tuesday arrives at 3 pm. Kinda tight on time... $170 return on Thursday.
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    Gophers vs West Virginia in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

    That has been the case lately. I'm so bummed as I live in Vegas and can't get away with work to go to PHX. May still go to Vegas bowl with some Maroon and Gold.
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    Gophers vs West Virginia in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

    Has anyone considered flying into Vegas and renting a car? It's a pretty easy 4 hour drive. Then get tix for the Vegas bowl and cheer for ASU!
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    Just That Confident!

    Gophers money line and the under. Hopefully it resembles the outback bowl!

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