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  1. MisterGopher

    Tyler Nubin - All American Award lists....

    This^^. Many of the times it looked like Nubin was out of position it was because someone else failed to do their job.
  2. MisterGopher

    Ranking all 41 college football bowl game from worst to best (41. Quick Lane Bowl: Minnesota vs Bowling Green)

    I like to watch bowl games based on competitive match up. Boring to watch a blow out, unless my team is on the good side of the blow out.
  3. MisterGopher


    What happened to Ben Johnson saying Ihnen going to be one of the best defenders in BT?
  4. MisterGopher


    Quick Lane Bowl Bowling Green vs. Minnesota Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2 p.m. on ESPN (Ford Field, Detroit) Early Odds DEC. 26, 2:00 PM SPREAD MONEYLINE TOTAL BGSU +5.5 +185 O36.5 MINN -5.5 -225 U36.5 Odds updated December 4th, 2023, at 10:44 am
  5. MisterGopher

    So what bowl game will the Gophers get?

    Las Vegas Bowl (Dec. 23) Minnesota vs. Utah
  6. MisterGopher

    2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Yeah, it seemed like they missed quite a few in a row, but looking at the play by play they had made more than I thought earlier to offset that. They also got quite a few offensive rebounds for extra chances to help pull away.
  7. MisterGopher

    2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Wisconsin wins 65-41. Struggled with the 3 but scored in the paint.
  8. MisterGopher

    The Athletic: Ranking 133 college football teams after week 12

    Gophers 72 Badgers 66 Hawkeyes 24
  9. MisterGopher

    This is what success breeds

    Because the coaching decisions are what caused the games to be close, which is why a few missed plays changed the outcome.
  10. MisterGopher

    PJ had a special bottle of bourbon labeled "Floyd" in his cabinet for years, he finally got so have a pour this weekend

    I've had the Pappy Van Winkle 15, 20 and 23 year olds as a bourbon flight and the 23 year old is no where near as good as the 15 and 20 year old, which are both exceptional. The 23 year old has been in the oak too long.
  11. MisterGopher

    The Athletic: College Football All America Teams at Midseason - Tyler Nubin 2nd team Second Team Defense & Special Teams POS. PLAYER TEAM DE Laiatu Latu UCLA DE Ashton Gillotte Louisville DT Tyleik Williams Ohio State DT Howard Cross III Notre...
  12. MisterGopher

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Florida takes down Tennessee. Texas and Wyoming tied at 10 end of 3rd quarter.
  13. MisterGopher

    Floundering Wisconsin Fans in Turmoil -- Take to Social Media to Fire Coach

    From Grammarist: To flounder is (1) to struggle or move with difficulty, as in mud; or (2) to behave awkwardly or make mistakes. One who flounders does not fail completely but merely struggles. To founder is (1) to cave in, (2) to sink below the water, (3) to fail utterly, or (4) to go lame...
  14. MisterGopher

    Coaches and AP Polls

    USA Today has Gophers at 32
  15. MisterGopher

    College football’s last 3-peat: The Minnesota national title history Georgia is chasing The art of the 3-peat Even as chaotic as the term “national title” has been in college football history, there are no firm claimants to a three-peat since Minnesota did it...
  16. MisterGopher

    NFL Draft summer scouting: Kamren Kinchens, Tyler Nubin Lead safeties class Considered a likely top-100 draft pick after the 2022 season, Nubin surprised some when he elected to return to the Gophers for his fifth year. There are areas of his game he needs to...
  17. MisterGopher

    Joel Klatt ranks college football's preseason top 25 UCLA 25, Wisconsin 23, Iowa 22, North Carolina 21, Oregon 13, USC 8, Washington 6, Penn State 5, Ohio State 3, Michigan 2
  18. MisterGopher

    Hawkeyes Wire: Big Ten Football: Predictions for every Big Ten team's record in 2023 Minnesota Golden Gophers Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports Record prediction: 8-4 Wins: Nebraska, Eastern...

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