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    I love this thread!!! Thank you all for doing your part!
  2. Soon2B8

    Build your perfect Gophers offense with $15

    Weber 5 Utrecht 2 Barber 2 Bateman 3 MO!! 3 SKI U MAH
  3. Soon2B8

    New DL coach Winston DeLattiboudere on Eastern, Smith, pass rush

    I hope he keeps that raw enthusiasm!! Growing the tree next to the house they have built! (🤯) #RTB #Givemeanotheroar! SKI U MAH
  4. Soon2B8

    Spann-Ford #2 TE?

    BSF is not Max...he should not hurdle defenders!
  5. Soon2B8

    Spann-Ford #2 TE?

    I very much agree with your assesment. I will add that he needs to never try and hurdle defenders again!! He should be stiff arming them away!!
  6. Soon2B8

    Sports Huddle

    Those coaches will get head coaching jobs being replaced by more former players! And so on....until everyone playing college football is six degrees or KEVIN BACON, away from PJ!
  7. Soon2B8

    Offensive coordinator update

    In PJ we trust! Next big coaching tree.... Developmental program.... SKI U MAH ROW THE BOAT GO GOPHERS!
  8. Soon2B8

    The Jim Rome Show: P.J. Fleck on Luke Fickell Poaching Paul Haynes from Minnesota; Fleck says his job is to develop, talks teaching elementary school

    PJ is sending all these coaches to rivals for a very good reason they are infiltrating our competition! They will learn everything they can and then come back to Minnesota! BWAHHAHA! Diabolical plan PJ! SKI U MAH!! GO GOPHERS!
  9. Soon2B8

    Game notes; No Cory Provus, but Matt Millen again

    Seriously Millen was terrible last time...I had to double check it was the real Matt Millen cause he sounded like he didn't really know football.
  10. Soon2B8

    Coach Fleck

    PJ is invested in making this a national championship school and doing it his way. He will hire a former player someday when he becomes athletic director. Slow down got a long way to go. Want to just focus on each game. Purdue Championship week!
  11. Soon2B8

    Blast From The Past: QB Hank Bachmeier

    Don't forget about our Harrisburg Tiger QB Jacob Knuth!
  12. Soon2B8

    Who is your Gophers MVP in the ass whopping of MSU?

    The TEAM! deserves MVP! This includes the coaches putting together a game plan that by their own admission Michgan State was not expecting! Seriously our first play was a pass!!! A pass!! This team seems locked in, my minnesota sport loving heart says "it's too soon to be This locked in!"...
  13. Soon2B8

    Guesses for uniforms vs Purdue

    Whatever it is I am sure it will be fly!
  14. Soon2B8

    Cool plays that happened against MSU

    The best part of this play is the block MO dealt on the DE before peeling out for the catch!!!
  15. Soon2B8


    Both lines looked dominant
  16. Soon2B8

    Spann-Ford highest rated TE

    BSF looked great! Complete player, he was blocking really well! Completing the blocks and looked really tough! Great to see him make some great catches as well!

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