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    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    Shannon Sharpe had a really good take on it saying that the focus is being put on the wrong place and should be on Toney not the refs. He also talked about how it is on the player to ask not on the refs to tell them when they are lined up offsides. Mahomes comes out of this looking really bad...

    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    That image really underscores just how big a mental mistake this was by Toney. Obviously they don't have that nice blue line to work off of (that will probably become a thing at some point that they figure out how to display on the field as well as TV)....but good lord he is clearly looking at...

    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    100% on the no call against GB.....that was brutal and should absolutely have been a flag.

    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    I struggle with players and fans pulling the "you can't throw that flag in that situation".....I disagree with that line of thinking. If it is a penalty it's a penalty shouldn't matter if it is the first quarter or the 4th quarter. And personally I'm a big fan of the New Heights podcast that...

    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    The fun side note on all this is people in Iowa tend to adopt the Chiefs as their team since they don't have an NFL team of their own to pull for :)

    Chiefs giving off serious Iowa Vibes after last night

    Similar to what happened in our game with Cooper DeJean and the Invalid Fair Catch rule being correctly enforced now the Chiefs are up in arms about the refs having the gal to call a WR for clearly lining up in the neutral zone which took away the awesome TD lateral from Kelce to Toney. If a...

    OT - Funny line about the Vikings game yesterday

    Ferentz is probably requiring his staff and team to watch this game as the blueprint for what they are striving to offense of any kind.....just defense and special teams. :)

    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    If I was a recruit I would want to take the 5 officials just to take them even if I was pretty sure where I ultimately wanted to go. May as well get a free trip and get wined and dined. I suppose there would be a bit of a time share presentation aspect to it but it would still be fun.

    2024 Gopher Football is a watershed moment.

    Things are always up in the air to some degree, 2024 won't be an exception. The one thing I would quibble with is the idea it would require some kind of miracle to have a winning record next year. The majority of our key players have declared they are coming back and it appears we have...

    Official 2024 Roster Movement Thread - Who's In and Who's Out?

    Unless I am missing another one the 4th was a JC player who is categorized as a recruit and not a transfer.

    Official 2024 Roster Movement Thread - Who's In and Who's Out?

    Added the 3 new commits and updated the location for Viotto.

    Downside of bargain hunting in the portal

    For some any transfer that doesn’t come from a power 4 school is a second tier prospect.

    Jordan Guerad Commited

    According to daily gopher has 2 years of eligibility and had a number of power 4 transfer offers.


    Slow start, settled in by halftime then kicked it into high gear in the second. FGCU is nothing special but holy crap our team has had some really impressive runs so far this year. If they can figure out how to not dig a hole in the first half we could really have something decent here.

    Dawson Garcia OUT tomorrow.

    He hasn't been great but is also coming off 2 years without playing so might take some time to feel comfortable again in game action. His length on D could be helpful so need to try and get what we can from him.

    Portal Visitors this weekend

    Good question, would expect we will see portal activity pick up again here in the near future. May also see some additional guys from our team jump into the portal after the bowl game, assume that is probably the case at a lot of other places as well.

    Dawson Garcia OUT tomorrow.

    Would probably be good for Ihnen to see a bunch of time over these next few games as well. Try to get him to the point where he can be a bigger contributor off the bench.

    Alex Kaliakmanis: Trying very hard not to comment on a program that our family decided to cut ties with.

    Are you having an argument with yourself because nobody is saying the things you seem to think people are saying.....we know why the drops increased last isn't a mystery. QB made a lot of bad throws, WR/TE dropped some catchable ones too. Do you know how many drops we had in 22 and...

    Dawson Garcia OUT tomorrow. long as it isn't something that is going to linger this is the perfect time to give him some days off and let the other guys get the valuable experience and playing time between now and the resumption of Big Ten play.

    How the Gophers got quarterback recruit Drake Lindsey out of the Razorbacks’ backyard

    Gotta believe those sites are very dependent on what players post as I doubt teams are feeding them a lot of direct info on who they have and have not offered. Sure they steal from each other as well.

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