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    AP Top 25 2023-24

    Or 1 vote for 24.
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    Tyler Nubin - All American Award lists....

    Nubin made FWAA second team AA as well. Needs to be First Team AA on remaining three AA teams to be consensus First Team AA.
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    Tyler Nubin - All American Award lists....

    Nubin made the Walter Camp second team AA this evening. The Camp team is the first to announce of the five teams currently used by the NCAA to determine consensus AA.
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    2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - News, Updates

    Curious how you know this. Can you tell me who the Gophers will play next year for their non-conference schedule? Drake, I assume. Who else? Also, if most teams have their schedules full a year out, what was Lindsay doing having nearly 30% of her non-conference schedule undone as of last...
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    2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - News, Updates

    Any details on teams contacted while searching high and low? I have no doubt that Coach P was put in a difficult scheduling spot, but without more details remain skeptical that she couldn't have upgraded the schedule, if she really wanted to (and perhaps if she had suspected the rapid...
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    Big ten womens bb tournament 2024

    Do you have a link, per chance? Not seeing it on Gopher ticket website. Thanks.
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    2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - News, Updates

    The new staff added Grambling (NET/RPI 231/91), Lindenwood (321/355) and Chicago State (357/303) to the schedule, it’s been reported by Bball_craz_31, so can’t blame it all on Lindsay.
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    Grace Grocholski Named B1G Freshman of the Week

    GG is a real find. Love her game, and love what it says about Coach P’s evaluation ability. When GG committed to West Virginia, her options were not particularly impressive, choosing Coach P over Wisconsin, Butler and Providence. Other than West Virginia, that is a pretty low rent WBB...
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    Iowa Game in February Sold Out!

    The circus atmosphere is going to be a real challenge this year both for Iowa and Caitlin Clark as she chases Kelsey Plum's NCAA scoring record. For example, in faraway New Jersey, Rutgers has announced the Iowa WBB game is sold out, the only non-UCONN game (from Big East days) they have ever...
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    What bowl do you predict Gophers will be in?

    Tru dat. And can help again this year, with PJ remaining undefeated in Gopher bowls (as one of the Gopher stadium timeout videos can proudly proclaim).
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    College Football is Dead

    Northwestern also won the Big Ten, because their loss was to Notre Dame.
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    STrib: Early Impressions

    Glad for his coverage, but it would take less than 30 seconds to check basic factual information. And since he's not enough of a fan to know the correct information, you think he would check.
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    STrib: Early Impressions

    The "at Iowa State" sentence is the first sentence of the article, and it is incorrect. The game was at Drake.
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    Game 8: Gophers Host Drake (12-2-23)

    Pace is down this year to 124, from 8 last year (Lindsay loved pace, witness her gushing about Iowa and Caitlin Clark's pace). Offense up this year to 73 from 108. Defense up this year to 53 from 198. Net HHS rating (as of 12/1/23) is 64 this year, up from 127 last year.
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    Defense!! Defense!!

    HerHoopStats Defensive Rating (akin to Ken Pom's AdjD) places the Gophers 54th in the country. Last year they were 198th. Huge improvement.
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    Game 7: Gophers Host Norfolk State (11-29-23)

    Good summary. Sanders is interesting. Seems to me she palms the ball virtually every dribbling possession.
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    Game 8: Gophers Host Drake (12-2-23)

    Drake is sort of like a poor-man's Iowa, without a superstar: fast pace (31st nationally), and better on offense (47th HerHoopStats) than defense (93rd HHS). Drake is also the exact opposite of Norfolk State (slow pace, better on D than O), so makes for an interesting week.
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    USA Today All BIG Team- Nubin & Kesich

    Not the official teams, but good for them.
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    2026 Recruiting

    Providence Academy beat Benilde on Saturday 85-63. Greenway with 40. Michigan-bound Olson with 6. Interested in any Greenway and Olson details/analyses from anyone in attendance.
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    Whalen: "Regardless of everything that happened, I'm a Gopher for life"

    Agree. In an odd way, things might get harder for Lindsay over time. The contrast between the good coaching of Coach P and Lindsay will be increasingly apparent over time.

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