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  1. go4rob

    Describe the Gophers loss to Michigan in 1 sentence.

    I wanted to see how long we’d be in the game. Answer: 12 seconds.
  2. go4rob

    Pick'ems Week 2

    Gophers Huskers Hawkeyes Ducks
  3. go4rob

    2022 Minnesota Bowl Projection Tracker

    Have you ever been to a Rose Bowl? I was there in January of 1967 where Bob Greise and Purdue beat USC 14 to 13. I was a senior in high school at the time. The next 4 years I was in the U of M Marching Band and almost got to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade following the 1967 season. I...
  4. go4rob

    Purdue tickets left

    totally agree, I do not understand why the U doesn't have these tickets selling for between $30 and $50 bucks, or offering some sort of family plan. The marketing department is, and always HAS been, dismal, at best. Nobody over there has their thinking caps on trying to figure out a way to...
  5. go4rob

    2022 Minnesota Bowl Projection Tracker

    Just keep winning and the bowls will take care of themselves. I've been saying for some time that one of these years it will be our turn to catch lightening in a bottle. The stars might align this year, you just never know. Take them one week at a time and go into Happy Valley undefeated (this...
  6. go4rob

    Which team stat is your favorite from todays game?

    I watched the Gopher Pre-Game Show on Fox 9 yesterday morning, and they went through their "keys to victory". Ron Johnson said that the key statistic would be 3 down efficiency. I kept track on paper through most of the wasn't even close. Minnesota is close to the top of the FBS in...
  7. go4rob

    Quick look at remaining opponents after week 4

    I agree, we are going to the Illinois game and Brett B. always seems to get the better of us. I don't know why, but I would expect this to be Illinois' best performance of the year. No letdown on this one, Gophers!
  8. go4rob

    Homecoming Roll Call

    4 from Maple Grove in section 212, got my new gold Gopher sweater last week and can't wait for Saturday. If this game doesn't sellout, something is wrong someplace.
  9. go4rob

    Minnesota football traditions

    That "RAH" at the end of the MINNESOTA cheer, which follows the Rouser, was actually part of the cheer back in the 60's and 70's. For some reason it began to fade in the 80's I believe but I don't know the reason.
  10. go4rob

    Minnesota football traditions

    Anybody remember this: "Skol Liquors - Dial Raw Beef" Also, the Swinging Gates Processional - Battle Hymn of the Republic. (the band has been doing this since the early 60's when Dr. Ben wrote that arrangement of the Battle Hymn.)
  11. go4rob


    I was on the board of the Goal Line Club at the time. Rod Wallace was in that club for many years and he donated the cannon from the Minnetonka Yacht Club if memory serves. The cannon was not something that the University wanted at the games for insurance and other reasons, so it was cancelled...
  12. go4rob

    Predict the Score Thread: New Mexico St at Minnesota

    I'm always nervous about these games: Gophers: 42 Aggies: 17
  13. go4rob

    Congratulations to the Nebraska Cornhuskers

    I'm thinking, after Saturday's loss to NW, Nebby probably moves up to #18 in all the polls.
  14. go4rob

    Shama: U Treads Water in Football Ticket Sales; attendance will likely be similar and perhaps less than a year ago

    For what it's worth, I think we probably have some of the highest priced single-game tickets in the Big 10. A few years ago a friend bought 4 tickets to the Nebraska game at about $130 each. He told me that was the last time he'd do that. The powers that be evidently need a course in supply...
  15. go4rob

    STrib: How have the Gophers fared in Big Ten games under coach P.J. Fleck?

    Fleck has done a great job thus far. We are finally playing relevant games in November. That hasn't been done in a long time. Beating Auburn in the Outback Bowl, winning 4 straight bowl games. These among others (GPA included) get him my vote as Coach For Life. Titles will come but changing...
  16. go4rob

    2022 Best BBQ Restaurant In Every College Town (Minnesota: Beast BBQ)

    If you haven't tried it, Big Bore BBQ in Hanover is GREAT! Well worth the drive. It is genuine Texas BBQ restaurant, only 40 min drive from downtown Mpls. Hanover is about half-way between Maple Grove and Buffalo. You won't be disappointed.
  17. go4rob

    Who are your favorite college football play by play and color commentary announcers?

    Minnesota's own Brad Nessler is by far my favorite, Bob Griese (sp?) teamed with Brad is a tough duo to top.

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