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  1. Five Toes

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    You are a true fan! Please keep the positive attitude and have faith the team will become what we all hope for.
  2. Five Toes


    I have been very fortunate to have watched all three games in person. From my cheap seats I thought he recovered really well and was going to make a great play on the first UNC TD. UNC WR made a nice catch and I believe they had to review the play to verify the TD. I will not pick on this kid...
  3. Five Toes

    Gizmo Brew Works Chapel Hill

    The three in our party will be stopping at Gizmo for a brew before the game
  4. Five Toes

    How Hot is Your Chili?

    Feel really good about the team. PJ has pumped them up a bit and that should be a positive. We have probably the quickest, deepest and most skilled set of offensive players in PJ's tenure. Tomorrow will hopefully show the depth and skill this team has developed.
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    Here is one thing you won’t see at the Wisconsin State Fair.

    Thank you for all wisdom and contributions.
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    All Things Gophers at North Carolina Road Game Thread (Tips for Flights, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Game Tickets & More)

    Staying In Raleigh the first night (Thursday) with wife and single son. Going to a BBQ spot with very good reviews. Next 2 nights in Chapel Hill at the Sheraton. Son and I love raw Oysters and this will be our focus day 2. Looking at E Frankiln St for pre game. City transportation looks great to...
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    Very Good Analysis of UNC Challenge

    We decided this would be our away game this year. Mack Brown's recruiting has been pretty impressive to say the least, many 4* recruits. As we look at how difficult our schedule appears, our opponents also look at MN as a very tough out. GO GOPHERS
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    Gopher 247's Burns from Indy

    PJ is owning this coming season and boasting the team will be Elite. He knows he has the talent to win the BIG.
  9. Five Toes

    Fox 9 with Fleck from Indy

    Great interview. Going to be a fun season.
  10. Five Toes


    Anyone else see Garcia and Payne starting to connect.
  11. Five Toes

    Tough Conversations in a Tough Sport with special guest P.J. Fleck

    Really cool he is able to make teenagers open up and discuss and perform at a grown ups level. I also love our coach.
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    Big Ten football: Projected regular-season win totals for every team in 2023 (Minnesota: Projected preseason win total: 7.5)

    As this board, and I like star gazing, it looks like UNC brought in 2 5* and 11 4*. in 2022. The year prior was similar. On paper this will be the best non conference opponent we have played since PJ elevated our team. I have stated this is tough schedule (in a good way) with the addition of...
  13. Five Toes

    Gophers: What does the 2023 running back room look like without Mo Ibrahim?

    I can't disagree with you on this but, didn't injuries give him the playing time he needed to get those yards? The following year he accepted his role too the two in front him and handled it with grace.
  14. Five Toes

    Gophers: What does the 2023 running back room look like without Mo Ibrahim?

    Well said. Slowly worked him in behind two very good backs. Sad Brooks had the injury bug, his style of running was a joy to watch.
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    Fleck Hires Offensive Analyst

    On the 8-9 wins, we seem to lay an egg or two every season. Until we can correct that or at least skip the Home Coming game I cannot expect a 10 win regular season. I do not see us losing to Iowa this coming season. I truly believe we will be better team this year and will get PJ his W against...

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