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    Gophers at NIL disadvantage? Huskers, Iowa to benefit?

    Yes, with all of the people that have thought about solutions for this and most other problems, someone would have come up with the perfect solution by now, if there was one. Though, changes in circumstances can make some options more enticing over time. The grass usually appears greener on...
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    Actual chance at beating Ohio State?

    It will be an interesting game. The 2021 Gophers will be playing the 2021 Buckeyes, and no one knows exactly how either team will look. But, I believe that this will not be a low-scoring game, and the Gophers will need to limit the Buckeyes to 3 points instead of allowing 7 points on the...
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    Rodney Smith's 50 Yard Challenge

    That looks like an awesome program. Great job, and thank you, to Rodney and all others that are involved with it!
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    Ranking the loudest stadiums in the Big Ten (#8. TCF Bank Stadium)

    The metrodome was probably the loudest in the Big Ten for the very few big games that occurred there.
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    WCCO Football Story

    Because they can't leave. They can never leave....... Seriously, though, I'm not sure how any of the head coaches at these programs can stay clean, even with the best intentions. One hundred student-athletes provides plenty of opportunity to do the "wrong" thing, even with constant monitoring...
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    [Post Game] Spring Game Reactions

    There really were almost no teams that could slow down the Gopher rushing attack during some of those years. Maybe Iowa, but even they struggled to contain it. As you mentioned, the lack of defense was the glaring issue.
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    Assistant Coaches

    I bet it's the guy in the Adidas track suit!
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    The Gophers matched up very well with Ohio State when Robbins was playing, as they didn't have the size to play with him. Without Robbins, I don't like the matchup at all as Liddell will probably go off, but maybe they can surprise us.
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    What is Gopher Basketball known for?

    More recently, they're known for their fancy dribbling.
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    All Things 2021 Minnesota Vikings Off-Season Thread

    They're probably drawing straws to figure out who will have to be the one to approach other teams about taking on Cousins' contract.
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    St. Juste on Viking's Radar?

    If they do end up taking St. Juste this year, after avoiding the Winfield pick last year, that would paint a pretty good picture of why the Vikings are what they are.
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    One thing about the Gophers this year is that the outcomes of the games are usually known within the first 10 minutes. Hopefully, this game continues to hold true to that.
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    How is the Big 10 champion determined?

    My understanding is that players in the Big Ten cannot play for 21 days from when they are diagnosed with COVID-19. If those are the rules, then even if Wisconsin is able to play this weekend, they should still be without Mertz and his backup at quarterback.
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    Vikings are done....this is the year of the Gopher!

    You're all forgetting that the New York Jets still have a team. No one is going to steal the number one pick from them.
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    College Gameday UM v UM

    If a College Gameday occurs, and there is nobody around to see it, then did it really happen?
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    Fleck seems unusually quiet

    I think PJ is sticking to what he does best, which is coaching football. If the team is doing well, then there's no reason to speak out publicly on these issues, which could end up causing some unnecessary tension within the team. Of course, he will probably be forced to speak about this other...
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    Jon Rothstein: Big Ten Preseason Power Rankings (#12. Minnesota)

    And, especially, if their two biggest rivals finish #1 and #2.
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    Battle 4 Atlantis headed for Sioux Falls?

    I've also heard Sioux Falls mentioned as a potential NCAA tournament host, which might make some sense if there are going to be little to no fans, anyway (no need for the large arenas that seat 10s of thousands).
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    Anyone else find themselves more crabby about the season with other games starting up?

    True. But, the same can be said for literally anything in life. Anyone with a belief in the afterlife (most religions) would even tell you there is more to life than life itself.

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